Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh Just Have Some Of This...

I have to say that I was a good wife last night.  Yes, I know. Look quick and insert joke here.  However, I really was!  You see MPH was really tired and wanted to go to bed early and so I went with him.  Then I stayed awake a while listening to him snore.... I mean breathe heavily... but in my head I got this genius idea for a blog post!  It was brilliant and I had most of it written already. But I was sweet and didn't get up to write it all down. I stayed where I was.... being nice...okay, now that I think about it, he was asleep and I have no idea why I stayed in place because this morning, all that work was just... gone!  Yup, I forgot the topic and everything I intended to write down, but I swear to you that it was hysterical!  I've spent all day trying to remember something about it...anything!  But it's been one of those no luck situations.  And in honor of that fact (as well as the fact that I'm tired tonight and so I've got nothing) I'm going to give you some funnies that amused me and hopefully will amuse you too.  I promise I'll be genius tomorrow or something.  Try to forgive me.
It's hard to add anything to this.  Bacon.

This, however, was me today.  It's rough when you know you had a great idea only you're getting old and so you forgot it.

This one is for all my friends!  You know who you are!!!

Okay and this one. This one is for all my friends, too.  And most of my family, now that I think about it.  Perhaps it's hereditary.

I realize it's photoshopped but still... best photobomb EVER!  Can't you just hear it now?  "Helloooooo!"

This.... is fuckin' genius!!! I bow to the obvious Shakespearean master here.  Dude!  Let's do the Macarena next!!! I never knew what those words meant anyway!

All I have to say is BWAAHAHAHAHAAA!  Cat's got style!

Yes, I've gone back to Shakespeare... this is what plants in my presence usually look like.

And this one... just... yeah.  I blame the voices. They're persuasive too!

Now go and enjoy your day while I try to remember the best idea EVER!  And if I don't... I'll just have some more wine.  It's a win-win for everyone!