Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glitter.. Who'd have thought?

Let me start out by saying that glitter is like superglue for the scalp!  Ask me how I know.  Go ahead... it's okay...  Well I'll tell you anyway.  I have three little girls.  Yes, three of them.  No, I'm not trying again for a boy.  I don't know how to make them.  Apparently my girly gene is just too strong for that sort of thing. But I digress!  This post is about glitter!  And that was my point back there.  Little girls like glitter... apparently on their scalps.

You see glitter is one of those things in the world that is all good.  And I do mean ALL good... until it's not.  And this is one of those times.  This stuff sparkles!  It makes art more spectacular!  It brings joy and happiness into the world!  Why then would you NOT pour it on your sisters' heads?!  (Admittedly I'm not exactly sure why you WOULD, but once the thought crosses your mind, I can see where it wouldn't occur to you not to.)  And this, dear readers, is what happened with three little girls at my house.  It was apparently their own version of glitter bombing!  I'm not sure if they were protesting anything, maybe lack of wearable glitter, but they succeeded in getting glitter EVERYWHERE!  It's in the carpet.  It's on the hardwood floor.  It's in the bathroom where they fled when they figured out that I might not be exceptionally happy about the glitter incident.  (Not stupid, my girls!)  The one place I didn't find it, surprisingly enough, was on the new puppy. Nope!  Not on her.  Bubbles!  There was bubble solution on her!  I'm not sure what goes on at my house really.  Not even when I think I'm watching.  Anywho!  My point here is that the glitter that made it through their hair to their scalps stuck like superglue on those commercials where the guy is dangling from an I-beam, an item that is unrelated to the iPad but perhaps as expensive.  And let's face it.  Superglue doesn't stick that well in any other location!  I can't get it to hold a handle on a teacup but it'll hang a guy off an I-beam!

So it went down like this.
Me:  What is that?
Random child:  What's what?
Me:  That... in your hair...  what is that? that glitter?!
Random child:  Maybe.

Okay, the conversation wasn't rocket science, but I'm betting the expression on my face as I tried to simply brush it away and found that it was stuck to them without showing signs of ever coming off was probably priceless.  I almost want to do an ad for this stuff!  It has more uses than simple decoration and happiness inspiration!  Or maybe I should try to put the handle back on my teacup with it.  I'm not sure which, but after the day I've had and some serious scrubbing in the shower before I got enough of it off to at least send my kids back to school slightly less sparkly tomorrow, I deserve a cupcake... a BIG one!

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