Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Finds of AWESOME!

Today, dear readers, we will start a new segment here on our blog.  And by our blog, I of course mean my blog.  But feel free to claim it as your own to your friends. It's not like they know me personally.  So it really could be you.  In fact, suddenly, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis!  Wait... no, there's my tiara. I'm definitely still me.  We may continue!  Incidently, anyone feel like I should be sitting in an oversized leather chair and speaking with an English accent yet?  No?  Just me?  Maybe I watched too much Masterpiece Theater growing up.  Moving on!

Ahem... as I was saying, we will begin a new segment entitled Random Finds of AWESOME!!!  Aren't you excited!  Admit it. It's hard NOT to be excited about something like that!  We're going to take some time out to discuss those completely AWESOME things you find sometimes completely out of the blue that just make life that much better purely by their very existence.  These are the things that make you go "Holy cow!  I've gotta have me one of those!"  Or, in my case "Can I get those by the case?!!!"  (MPH aka My Poor Husband will assure you all that this is, indeed, the case.  He has no appreciation of bulk purchasing, I assure you.) Anyway, our first find of AWESOMENESS is brought to our attention by everyone's favorite Web Mistress of All Things Good, Lauren.  She has found the AWESOME!  I have no idea why she was wherever she was when she found this. Perhaps she was shopping early for my birthday present, but this is truly AWESOME!

BEHOLD!  I bring you... Cupcase cupcake holders!!!!

Can you believe it?!!!!  They are Cupcake shaped.... Cupcake holders!!! *insert high pitched squeal here*  And they have them in PINK!!!  Let us take a moment to admire the AWESOME.

Now, we all know that The Queen loves cupcakes.  And she especially loves pink icing on cupcakes.  So frankly, I'm not sure how these can get anymore AWESOME than they currently are... well, unless someone managed to slap a tiara on top of it, of course.  But really!  I want you to consider just how spectacular these things are.  How often have you wanted to take your own personal cupcake off to enjoy in some corner by yourself but have found it too difficult to carry without smearing the icing?  What?  No?  Okay, how about this?  How often have you not been able to eat all the cupcakes you've bought and so you need to take one home to eat later?  Hmmm, okay, I hear you.  That made me giggle too.  Me either.  Wait!  I've got it!  How often have you wanted to put a cupcake in your lunch box to take to work with you to taunt your co-workers with the fact that you have cupcake awesomeness and they've got NADA!!  YES!  Now THAT, I've done!!!  Finally!  I have found a use for these things!  These are fantabulous!  I'd even stop eating before I snarfed down the last cupcake in order to have a cupcake to put in this holder!  Oh who am I kidding?  I'd buy an extra half dozen hoping I'd have one left over.  That's more likely.  (The Queen has a bit of a cupcake weakness.  Which only makes these things more AWESOME!)

So!  Now that I've shown you today's random find of AWESOME, I want you to tell me some more!  Feel free to post your own random finds and I'll share them as we go along.  Oh and by the way.  My birthday really is coming up... in June. That gives you plenty of time to find me AWESOME birthday presents including these!  I need a case of the pink!  And they're on back-order, so you should all probably hop right on that to make sure you have them when they become available.  Just a suggestion!

(Should you actually want some of these little beauties for yourself, I've included the link for you.  Enjoy!)

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