Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Queen Goes International!

Hola, People! That's hello in Spanish!  Well, the people part isn't.  That's English.  I'm betting you know that, but I do like to be clear when possible.  Since I mixed my languages there, I didn't want to confuse anyone.  That's right!  I just gave you both English AND Spanish in one sentence.  That sort of thing is called "Going International!"  Actually, it's not but I'm needing a segue way here into my topic.  I realize I got off on the ole language tangent... well, I'm going to come back to it now that I think about it, but regardless.... I needed a transition, people!  Don't judge me!

Ahem, as I was trying to say before all the scorn hit, your Queen has gone international!  This blog is now being read all over the world... some of which, in case you don't know, is not English speaking.  That being the case, I've decided to go international with some of my post.  And just so you know, no, I'm not sure what the people in Russia are making of my posts, but apparently a few of them have checked it out. I'm a little concerned that there is convention of Russian underworld leaders plotting a nefarious take over of the world's cupcakes, and they're watching me because of my superhero powers where keeping myself some cupcakes are concerned, but I'm willing to risk it!  Okay, likely I have a few confused Russians trying to make heads or tails of the Glenda picture but if they want to read then I'm willing to call them my subjects too!

Now then, I thought long and hard about the most helpful way to welcome my international contingent to the blog, and then it hit me.  I should speak to them in their own language!  Turns out I have people from about 7 different countries currently reading along with us.  I happen to know that the Australians speak English so they're on their own here.  HIYA!  And I know that my wonderful friend and extra family member in Germany speaks English too... at least she'd better since she's going to be an English teacher!  So HIYA to Mandy too!  The others though... well I don't speak Russian, Belgian, or Argentinian so I've decided to pick one word and learn it in their languages.  The word I picked.... is Blog!  Seemed appropriate, don't you think?  So I did a little online translation and came up with...Blog!  That's right, it would appear that Blog is an international language all its own!  And you know, that turns out to be a really convenient thing!  So now I would like to give a little speech to everyone.  Please try to follow along...

Blog blog blog blog blog.
Thank you.

Yeah, that's all I got.  That one was so easy that I got lazy and just quit.  Maybe it was the post-sugar let down after my daughter's cupcake party at school.  I only got one.  Those kids were like piranhas!  They absolutely devoured those cupcakes!  I started out with 36 and afterwards I didn't even need any of those really cool cupcake shaped cupcake holders!  I had NADA!  It was sadness!

But when I got back, I did discuss this international trending with my Web Mistress of All Things Good, aka Lauren, because she is my source of all sorts of technical things.  Turns out she's also a pessimist.  I'm optimistic that she'll turn around, though.  Anyway, I happened to find her online so this is how the conversation went down.  Since it was text based, you lucky people get it verbatim! (That's Argentinian for with cupcakes.)

The Queen: OMG I have hits from the weirdest places!
The Queen: Who the hell in Russia has been reading my blog... 3 hits!
Lauren: they could be spiders
The Queen: Eeeew! I hate spiders!
The Queen: Wait, do you mean the crawly things or is this geek speak for something I don't know?
Lauren: geek code word for a new Russian cupcake fetish
The Queen:  I knew it!

So as you see, Lauren came up with creepy crawly internet surfers or something internationally kinky as possible sources of my obviously language barrier breaking appeal as a blogger, where as I was much more logical about it and realized the inner workings of the Russian cupcake cartel are after my cupcakes.  I have hope for Lauren... just not much of it.

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