Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's a weird, weird world... And I'm thankful for it!

Holy Cannoli, people!  I have followers!!!  Okay, I realize that some of you are saying "Well, duh, Queen!  You write a blog."  But then I'd be all up in your face like "No no no!  It's not even BLOG followers!  I have some freakin' Twitter followers!"  Okay, so there aren't many but they're there!  (I like to think of them as a small but hearty band of followers.  Those with exceptionally good taste, and AMAZING sense of humor... but mostly exceptionally good taste.  Just saying'.)

So here's the deal.  I started a twitter account the other day, and I learned to twit.  I mean, I've been surrounded by twits most of my life!  It's like they somehow seem to find me then find my last nerve and swing on it like wild monkeys!  But this is the first time I've tried to twit on my own!  (Oops, quick break for a phone call.  Be right back!)

Okay, Web Mistress of All Things Good, aka Lauren, has just called.  She tells me that the appropriate word is not twit.  She tried to convince me it was twat but I just wasn't buying that!  I know it's twut!... No wait, she says that's not it either.  Tweet?!  How in the world do you get tweet out of Twitter?!  Really people.  I need to have a chat with someone over there on the derivation of made up verbs based on made up nouns.  Do these people not speak English?!  You know, I'm just going to pretend the verb is twit like I think it should be.

So anyway, I learned to twit.  And it's kind of funny when you're doing it.  I mean, I didn't TELL anyone that I got a twitter account.  I didn't even mention it yet to you nice people (also obviously of exceptionally good taste).  So when you first start doing this, it's a lot like you're talking to yourself!... which now that I think about it, you really are.  That bothered me a little at first until I remembered that I talk to myself all the time.  I find myself terribly funny and amusing.  I made myself spit diet coke once!  It was great.  You should have seen my face!... not that I did but again, not the point.  The point is that while it might have seemed odd to talk to myself in typed out form, that really just didn't bother me all that much.  I'm versatile in my self amusement!

Well, moving on, you can just imagine my surprise today when I suddenly found out that I had followers... FOLLOWERS!  I was stunned!  I was gleeful!  I was confused as hell!!!  I mean, who are these people?!  How did they find me?!  How did they know of my obvious genius if I hadn't mentioned it to them in some off-hand and humble way?!  And the answer to these questions, dear reader?  I have no freakin' idea!  But regardless, there they are.  My hearty band of merry men... well actually they appear to all be women, but they do look sort of merry! So however they found me, WELCOME, PEEPS!  (I have peeps!!!! *insert gleeful squeal here*  And yes, obviously I AM easily amused.)  I have now made it my mission to usher this group forward!  We will do marvelously funny things together!  I will grow them by adding only the best of followers... or at least those who know how to click the follow button... something you people could do on the blog, you know... there is one... at the top of the page... if you can't find it, just twit me and I'll find it for you!

And now, for the moment that I realize I have led up to.  That moment that you are all in a mouth frothing frenzy for!  That which I have dangled in front of you for this entire post!  It's like a golden carrot, or...even better... a pink frosted golden cupcake!  Yes!  You guessed it!  Are you ready?!!! (This is more suspense than that two hour long drawn out business with American Idol or the Voice.  Even I'm getting sleepy and wanting to just leave it and go to bed!  But I won't!)  Yes, for your very own twitting pleasure... my twitter feed!  Join us!  We are fun! We are funny! We have cupcakes!!!  Twit me at @QueenOfATG.  Or just follow me.  I don't really know what I'm doing over there so I'm making up as I go along.  Yeah I know.  Go figure.

(Extra credit and a gold star for your foreheads to those of you who figured out that I added my twitter tag/name/whatever to my profile for the blog already.  I didn't want to mention it earlier. I figured it'd blow the big reveal!)

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