Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's a little duel between friends

Okay, just so you all know, I survived MagiQuest!!!  I have no idea what gifts my daughter got because by the time she got around to opening them, I was drowning my misery in a corner slice of birthday cake with all that gritty icing and didn't realize until she was several presents into it that she was even doing it!  Thank goodness for MPH (My Poor Husband) and the camera.  I'll figure it all out later.

So there was chaos.  There was running around.  There was me trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations of my five year old who believes I should be able to lead her on 10 quests and hour, complete the tests involved without any help from her on both our behalf's and still run wilding through a crowd of people all trying to complete the same quests we are....  Don't you love the days when Moms are Superwoman?  Unfortunately somewhere before the end of that hour, I hit the Superwall!  So this was my status as I was tanking up on a mega sugar rush with my cake when our hostess, another college age kid dressed in Ren-faire attire, announced that it was time to take the picture.  Now, I do have to admit that the picture does rock!  They take all the kids, toss them in front of a green screen and take a group picture.  Then they toss that picture in front of a huge shot of a dragon or troll or unicorn (guess which one my kid picked) and give it to you as a souvenir.  There was only one problem.  You guessed it... the duel.

Turns out at MagiQuest you can actually use your wands to duel with your friends or any foe that you can drag up and pin into the dueling area opposite you.  And dueling is apparently cool.  I wouldn't have known.  I'd never done it.  Unfortunately, my middle daughter and one of her friends were in the middle of an apparently heated duel and couldn't be pried away to go sit with the other kids for their picture.  At this point, enter my friend Julie (the other girl's mother) and me.  And we are a formidable pair, I can assure you!  Being Supermoms we did realize that we needed to step in.  As if on the command of some kind of whistle that only Supermoms can hear, we both stepped up onto the dueling platforms, removed the wands from our children's hands and informed them that we would complete their duel because they had to go get a picture made.  Seems you can't just leave a duel incomplete because it locks up the whole dueling system.  Who knew there was a system?!  But there is.  I assure you.  Would I lie to you people?! Now armed with our daughters' wands, Julie and I prepared to do battle.

At this point, I have to admit that I felt for Julie.  True, she's been to MagiQuest plenty.  And true, I'd never dueled... but neither had she.  And true, we had no idea what it was we were doing, but regardless!  I mean this was ME she was facing!  Poor woman.  Needless to say, I had the upper hand.  I had awe inspiring wandsmanship!  I could flick!  I could pick a power to use!  I could heal myself!  Face it!  Julie was going DOWN!!!  And so the dueling commenced!  After tossing several spells at each other and watching our life powers go up and down, I have to admit that we were yelling some serious smack at each other.  This is the sort of thing you really get into!  So here you have two grown women in their *cough cough* late 30's gesticulating wildly with their wands and berating each other over whatever spell had been cast.  As we continued to battle, I admit that I finally yelled at her "This is SO going in the blog!!!"  And well... here it is.

To Julie's credit, she did make me promise that I would describe the results exactly as they happened.  Yes, fair readers, I let her win.  I already said that I felt for her!  And do you want to know the moral of this story?  The truth is determined by she who writes the blog.

Now someone figure out how I add more dueling credit to this thing!

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