Thursday, February 23, 2012

Witch at work!

Soooooo, yeah.  It's been one of those weeks at work, and at some points this was what I wanted to feel like.  Unfortunately it was a Munchkin sort of week for me.  A special thank you to Rick, by the way, for providing the visual.  And yes, I really did just have to use it.  The great thing is that it seems to have suddenly all turned around for the better!

Honestly, it was like nothing would go right this week.  I was doing my usual juggling act with all the normal issues plus a bunch of added weird issues, and it seemed like there was no way to keep all these balls in the air anymore.  I know you've all felt it too.  It was hide under the desk with a bottle of Jack and a cupcake time!  (Not that that's a bad idea in general.  Just don't tell my boss... who's paranoid that I'm going to write about her so now everyone wave and say "Hi, Cherie!" Oh and everyone act like you're doing whatever it is you're supposed to be doing.  I find that helpful in general where bosses are concerned.)  Anyway, I'm pretty sure I was going somewhere with this story, and it's slowly coming back to me where that somewhere was.  So I go to work today with the attitude that I'm slowly going insane (okay fine, MORE insane) so maybe I should just try to enjoy the ride.  Positive energy and stuff everywhere!  And you know what?  It worked!!!  Okay, I don't know that that's what worked but something worked!  Suddenly the weird problems all fixed themselves.  It was like Glenda the good witch up there had been in and beaten all the problems into submission with that sparkly wand of hers.   I realize that I didn't fix the problems.  I'm not sure WHO did it, but fixed they are!  On second thought, I'm pretty sure I did do it... especially if Cherie's reading.  (Hi again, Cherie!)

So now that I'm finding all of my problems fixed, I'm trying to plan what to do with all the free time I'm going to have now that I have nothing to do at work.  (Just kidding, Cherie!)  So here's what I've come up with.

1.  Changing my manicure hourly in order to actually use all the bottles of OPI polish that live in a cabinet that my husband found and had an aneurysm over a while back.  This will show him that they're vitally important to my personal beautification instead of whatever he called them... money pit... something.

2.  Using liquid paper (if that stuff still exists in the age of computers) or, even better, what's left of my daughters' glitter collection to hand paint unicorns and hearts all over my computer monitor.  An attractive work space is vital to productivity.

3.  Calling in Pinky and the Brain to help me plot to take over the world! (I'm showing some of my age here so if you're too young, humor me and pretend to know what I'm talking about.)

4. Actually ordering the ergonomic sit/stand convertible work station for my desk.  (Holy cow, this is something I really really want.  Where did my youth go?!)

5.  Making paper hats for me and the assorted collection of statues, bobble heads, figurines and stuffed animals that share my office with me out of all the really cool scrapbook paper that I own but haven't used yet!  (If I do this, I promise to take pictures and share.)

6.  Playing the multitude of Mario games that my girls have for the Wii that they always want me to help them with but all I can manage to do is kill off their character because I have no idea HOW to play much less have any hand-eye coordination!  Maybe if I play for hours a day, I'll get moderately better... but possibly not.

7.  Taking pictures of me with an assault rifle aimed at my work computer in case any of these problems decides to rear its ugly head again!  Take that problems!!  (In your in box, Cherie!)

Now then, someone find me one of those sparkly wands.  Because I GOT THIS!!!


  1. Wow. I'm just glad you have an outlet for your ADHD. Let's go ride bikes!

  2. What's this "Beaten Down Spouse" business?! You are officially MPH! (My Poor Husband)
    The Queen


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