Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And This Is Work, People!

I work with the best people in the world. I really do.  They accept me as the regal presence that I am and just kind of roll with it.  It helps if you have a sense of humor about most things if you work with me.  I admit that.  Anyway, today I sent out an email notifying everyone who works on my team as well as all my colleagues that I would be gone for three weeks starting on Friday while MPH (My Poor Husband) and I travel to China and then Korea.  Honestly, I was just warning everyone that the fun, happy time that is having me around at work would be over for a while.  It seemed only polite.  Well leave it to my colleagues to take this information and just run with it around the middle of the afternoon.  Bless their hearts, I'm busy packing and getting ready, and so they wrote tonight's post for me!  I'll get them all cupcakes or something.  So here it is, the email chain that came from my nice, professional notification of impending vacation time.

Because you can't really get ready for the vacation without a little pre-vacation time.

Syed (aka The Henchman):  All right. I can't fight the puns off any longer... my question to the group is - China has survived the cultural revolution, but will it survive the Queen?

Queen (in response):  I'm groaning over here!  Besides, how out of place can I possibly look walking around Beijing in a tiara?

David:  Well, parts of China were under the Queen's rule for centuries.  I think they'll survive a few weeks more.

Queen: It'll be like a homecoming!!! They'll be so happy!!!! I wonder if I'll get my own royal barge.  That thing looked kind of cool.

Ben:  Has the embassy in Beijing been alerted?  Just sayin'.

Ben:  Which Korea is she going to? It could make all the difference in the/for the world.

Cherie (our boss):  How is it that I turn my back for 5 minutes and we are on the verge of an international crisis (Queen style)?!?!?

Syed:  With all due respect boss -- with this group, 5 minutes is all it takes.

Queen: They'd throw my tiara wearing self out of North Korea so fast it'd make even MY head spin!  Let's face it. There's really only room for one supreme leader and I am totally it!


David: Hey, if you're lucky, they might give you Hong Kong for a week. That would be cool!

Syed:  Dave please don't encourage her...

(Side note, yes.  He really did put that in bold and underline, which about made me spit my diet coke at the screen!)

David:  Since when did she ever need my encouragement to create an international incident.  She does fine all on her own. That tiara has special evil powers in it!

And that, dear readers and loyal subjects, is why regardless of anything else that's going on, I do love working with these people.  They SO get me!  And that's good.  It means they send me pictures of cupcakes and tiaras to brighten my day.  Aaaaaaaah, life is good. Now someone bring me a cupcake.

Ummm, and someone make sure I don't get THAT email! Kthxbai.

ADDENDUM:  I sent out another email to the same group this morning and the response just sums everything up perfectly!!!

Queen:  I owe you all a thank you for writing the blog for me last night!  It's at if you want to see it.  :)  You're all the best!

Cherie (aka Boss):  That cannot be good.

Don't you just love my peeps?!

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