Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures With A White Guy

Okay, dear readers and loyal subjects, let me say this first.  Beijing is AMAZING!  These people don’t do anything half way.  They don’t do a temple.  They do the Temple of Heaven! (No pressure there…)  They don’t have a somewhat restricted city.  They have the FORBIDDEN City, which by the way, I noticed an awful lot of people there for something forbidden.  I sort of expected that the Queen would have it for herself.  Go figure.  But let me just say that the other tourists around Beijing were absolutely fascinated by something that I never saw coming…. A white guy.

This was the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. I freely admit this.  One of the things that the Asian tourists wanted their picture made with the most was MPH (My Poor Husband).  That’s right. They wanted their picture made with the white guy.  I was totally unprepared for this.  It started out at the Forbidden City.  I’m trying to take his picture with this lion… okay there are also a LOT of lions around this place…. stone ones… not like freely roaming lions…. though now that I think about it, that would be SERIOUSLY cool… until one tried to eat someone…. then… not so much.  But I digress (as usual).  Anyway, so there I am, trying to take picture of MPH in front of this lion, which now that I think about it I did mange to accomplish, but just as he’s trying to walk away, this man grabs him and drags him back, saying something in a rather animated way in what I’m guessing is Chinese and gesturing to his wife who’s waving a camera around.  Now, I was FULLY prepared to give my “No pictures please” wave and smile (there’s one that comes with the tiara) but then I realized that it wasn’t the QUEEN they wanted.  It was, indeed, MPH.  And it didn’t stop with one guy!  It turned into a string of people wanting their picture made!  They were all incredibly nice and very happy to have their pictures made, but I was left wondering… WHAT THE HELL?!

That’s right.  Even the girls got in on the act.  And that’s when I figured it out.  We are here on a holiday and didn’t realize it.  That’s right, it’s Take Your Picture With a White Guy Day!  Really, people, that’s all I’ve got.  It’s either that or the fact that I was walking through the crowd whispering to random people “Look!  There’s Brad Pitt!”  If they expressed skepticism, I simply told them that I was wrong, and it was Ken from Barbie and Ken instead.  Why would I do this?  Because the Queen is a helpful sort at heart.  By the way, it was also MPH’s birthday.  Maybe they knew!

Now I do have to say that the Queen did attract a bit of attention herself.  It just wasn’t exactly the sort of thing I had expected either.  Apparently, I stand out a bit too.  The problem is that pictures with the Queen and her admirers tend to end up looking like this:

So that’s where things stand as of now.  We’re having an incredible time and seeing some breathtakingly beautiful sights.  Today we are heading to the Great Wall.  I certainly hope someone called ahead  to prepare my red carpet.  It’s only right.  It happens to be MY birthday today!  Bring on the red carpet and party hats.  Whooohoooo!
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