Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Random and the Funny

It's that time again, dear readers and loyal subjects.  It's time for me to share a set of totally random yet funny things I've run into in the past week or two.  I'm still in Korea, so I apologize for not having gotten you nearly enough of my usual randomness to spice up your lives, but I admit it's hard to keep up with MPH, an international convention, and having been appointed defacto tour guide to an entire group of people while we're here.  I'm Julie McCoying my heart out over here, people!  Fortunately I have help in the tour guide position from my dear friend Jocelyn too.... you'll get to see her a little farther down on today's post.  So as always, buckle up and hold on tight because it's going to get pretty random in here!

This picture above is of the items that were available for puchase in my hotel room in Beijing.  Frankly, I found them to be a fascinating group of things, but mostly I was uncertain of why they were selling something labeled "Vibrated & Condom" which you can see in the lower center.   I mean, was it a vibrator or a condom, and if it was both, why did I not previously know about such products?!  Where the heck did this thing come from, and frankly, just what kind of hotel was I staying in?!!!

Now I have to say one thing. My family and friends back home are still thinking of me.  I know because they send me funnies to make me smile.  And trust me, Koreans really think you're weird if you suddenly burst out laughing while staring at whatever has just popped up on your phone.  My, these people are quieter and more reserved than the Queen... of course a raging elephant is probably quieter and more reserved than the queen, but here's what I've got anyway.

MPH has been doing just this for YEEEEEAAAAARRRRRRS!  This one was from the Duchess Jill, by the way.

And here we have a gift from the ever appropriate Mel (You know the one... of wet pirates fame!).  Mel always takes care of my giggling needs.

This one I found on my own, because I'm just good like that.  Besides, we all know I'm a techno junkie and no one does it like Piccard!

Now, that said, I do have to say that it turns out Asia was ready and waiting for the Queen's arrival... other than that whole mushroom cloud over Beijing thing which I still contend is just one more example of the fallout that pops up wherever I've been.  I did get some photographic evidence of just how prepared they were, though, so here it is.

LOOK!  They went to all the trouble of letting me know just where home is!!!

I just thought that was so sweet.  And apparently, they also heard how much I like my coffee.

Now this next picture is something I really just can't explain.  This is the overhead light in my really nice hotel room in Xi'an, China.  No, it's not the room with the weird condoms available.  This place was NICE...except this light which I just can't figure out.  It was pink and fuzzy and shaped like.... well it looked for all the world like a red blood cell!  Check it out!

See?  Compare it to this!!!

I told you so.

Anywho, here's one last shot to tide you over until I get my act together and keep on writing more!  Jocelyn, my co-Julie McCoy for this leg of the trip, and I found some wonderful people at the Korean Tourist Information Desk at our convention.  They let us play dress up!  Now the outfits we're wearing weren't the first ones we were trying to put on.  In fact, I was trying to wear the one she is in and vice versa.  There was only one problem.  Just as we were putting them on, the nice woman told us that the outfit I was putting on was one for a princess.  Jocelyn's outfit was for a queen.  Well naturally we took one look at each other and both yelled "SWITCH!"   So here we have it.  The Queen is even a Queen in Korea.  I just love this place!!!

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