Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Look! It's More Random! You're Welcome!

It's been one of those days, dear readers and loyal subjects.  The Queen's little blonde mind is finally fried!  It's been chaos! It's been an emotional roller coaster! (Okay that last part is actually true.)  It's been mind boggling!  It's been... oh the hell with it.  I'm too fried to come up with WHAT it's been.  And do you know what that means?  Yes, you guessed it!  It's time for another Random Wrap-Up!  *Someone cue the applause track for me, please.  Thank you.  You're the best.*  And so without further ado, but with a nice hair flip on my part like Cher used to do because suddenly I'm all into the idea of a variety show type post, here's your not-so-weekly dose of random!

I was trying to find a picture of a hair flip but I found this one of Cher and Captain Kangaroo.  I have no idea why but it completely fascinated me so I'm sharing... or Chering.... sorry, couldn't resist.

The Queen is going to China and Korea for 3 weeks, and she leaves this Friday.  I'm a little nervous about it. I'm not sure what the internet is like in China, but I think I'll still be able to keep you all updated with all the random things that are highly likely to go down while I'm in Asia.  Even I realize that the Queen in Asia is just TOTALLY full of the potential for random and yet humorous interactions.  Take this one, for instance.  I just realized that I was arriving in Busan, Korea a day before my hotel reservation for the convention that MPH and I are attending starts.  Thus... I needed to try to get another night scheduled.  Naturally, I called the one of the tour directors that I'm working with, who happens to be Korean.  I think I taught her an English phrase that she didn't know.

Queen:  So I'm coming into Busan on Saturday instead of Sunday.  Can I check into the hotel one day early?
Tour director:  You can but you'll be responsible for that night's fees.  I can add you that night for $310 a night.
Queen:  $310?!  Does that night come with my own personal pool boy?!
Tour Director:  I'm not sure but I can ask the hotel about.... pool boy.
Queen:  Oh dear.  Don't do that. I just found a hotel on hotels.com for $68.  I'll book that one, thanks.

Then I found this:

And man, ain't that the truth?!

I also went through the images that I've saved over the past couple of weeks and not yet managed to share.  When I did, I discovered something.  I apparently have some anger issues that I haven't dealt with yet.  But we're lucky and they're FUNNY anger issues!  Enjoy!!

Don't be a hater!

I want this kitty.  He's just AWESOME!

And I am SO the girl to give it to them.  Come here... let me pat you.  :)

And on that note, I am going to go try to shove three weeks worth of clothes into a couple of suitcases. I suspect that this will NOT go well.  I'll be sure to let you know, though!

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  1. Don't pack clothes! Just buy new ones!


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