Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm Lazy and This is Random!

It's that time of the week again, dear readers and loyal subjects.  Yup! It's time for me to be lazy and post some funny stuff that I found on the internet and somehow still manage to take some form of indirectly applied credit for being funny myself.  Now that I think about it, this is harder than it looks!  This is plagiarism in it's finest!  I deserve this credit!  In fact... you're welcome. So anyway, we're doing the weekly random wrap up again where I show you all the funnies that made me laugh the most during the week.  This time, though, we have a theme!  In honor of my youngest child and her newly demonstrated knowledge of the profane, I have decided to kick off this week with the funnies that I haven't used before because they contain a teensy, tinsy bit of language... so here we go!

Yeah, this one is in honor of all of you who have read Shades of Gray and expected something OTHER than an argument about an umbrella.  I know you're there!  You can't hide from me!

And this is for all my girlfriends!  It's because they are and we know it's true!  You all rock!  (And so does Melanie who sent me the first two funnies.  Thankies!!)

I defy any of you to say that you haven't done this!  Personally, I think some things are just worth the risk.  This is one of them.

Yes, they do.  Yes... they do!  This boy will go far.  I just know it!

This one I couldn't resist.  It's not pterodactyl porn but so little is...

Oh yeah, Baby! We're getting kinky now!  I wonder if this tape has seen the pterodactyl porn.

Yeah this is where the profanity falls out of the equation.  Honestly, I couldn't maintain it and couldn't resist a few more.  This one is TOTALLY me... and most of my friends, bless their hearts!

And it's mirror for the win!!!!

And welcome to the world inside my head, people!  This is it!!!!  Now if I could just get the sheep, cow, turtle and that Macarena chick to tell all the other voices to stop, I'd be just fine.  Okay, I'd be bored and lonely but fine all the same!

Have a great start to your weekend, people!  

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  1. You get all the credit, I was highly entertained and I wouldn't have been if you hadn't put these stellar and wonderfully giggle inducing things together! My favorite was the last one . . . oh and the umbrella one. Oh, who am I kidding? They are all awesome. Thank you.


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