Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Cowbell!

The Queen is in New York City, and she's having a wonderful time.  I'm here for a conference but I've built in time to explore and shop and look around and shop and see people and shop.  You know, the usual!  So today I wandered in and out of a variety of stores including a music store, and man was THAT entertaining!  Besides deciding that I am a virtuoso at playing the silent drums... yes, such a thing does sort of exist.  It makes no sound out loud but is purely digital and heard through headphones despite the drum set looking normal... I also found out that there are musical instruments that I really should be able to play!

MPH will just LOVE the tambourine I'm bringing back home!  I plan to play it about 2 am each night when I get insomnia.  I'll inform him that I have the bedroom booked for a "practice session" and just wait for the entertainment that follows!  Suddenly, insomnia seems much more fun, doesn't it?!

But my favorite instrumental discovery wasn't even the reasonably priced tambourine.  It was this:

Yes, dear readers and loyal subjects, that red cowbell really is called BELL DIABLO!  Holy canolli!  How could you possibly pass something like that up?!  Bell Diablo is a red (obviously), low pitched cowbell that is guaranteed to be the Best Cowbell Ever!  And by guaranteed, I mean there's a sticker stuck to the cowbell assuring me that it is.  What more could you want?  Wait, now that I think about it, there's a best cowbell ever sticker stuck to the black one next to it.  Apparently someone doesn't quite understand the serious nature of this whole "best...ever" statement.  But still, it's a sticker!  If it's on a sticker, it MUST be the truth!... Kind of like the internet.

So the way I see it, between my tambourine, Bell Diablo, and that Kinky and Or-G that I got from the liquor store, I am due for one SERIOUSLY ROCKING PARTY when I get home!  You are all invited.  Just tell MPH I sent you if you get there before I do.  He'll just love that.

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