Thursday, August 9, 2012

Holy Time Drain, Batman!

It was bound to happen.  We all knew it would. There was really no stopping it.  Truly it was just a matter of how long it could be put off.  The answer, it seems, was "until today."  But all that stalling came to an end today.  I finally did it.  I went over to the dark side.  I can hardly be blamed!  I heard they had cookies!  And it turns out... they do!  They have cookies, and glitter, and cupcakes, and funny pictures, and DIY projects that made me drool!  And even better, they have a whole section for GEEKS!  Holy canolli, people!  I had no idea how wonderful and disastrous this was going to be!  I'd turn back but it's too late!  I can just go ahead and give up my free time because...

I have found Pinterest!!!!!

Dear Lord!  Have you people been over there?!  It's like Mecca for those with ADHD!  There's just no END to what all they have!  I started to join it once, but I admit that I wasn't able to figure out what the draw really was.  HOW?!  How could I have been so BLIND?!

Face it?!  How can this place NOT be for me!  It's distraction central!

Look! They have funny stuff there too!  This is so me!  Someone was just WAITING for me to show up and snag it!  I know they were!  So I pinned it to my first board... The Queen's Funnies.  How appropriate is that, huh?!  But wait! That's not all!

They have art!  They have food and drink!  They have nature!  They have a whole section on just TATTOOS!  I just know they want to hear my prison tattoo story!  I can tell they do!  You can click here if you need reminding too.  But even better, they have this do-it-yourself section and it's like crack as far as I'm concerned!  

Now DIY projects generally aren't my style.  You see, I'm really good at getting the books on how to do them and getting the supplies to do them.  Then I'm really good at getting all this stuff out and together.  What I'm NOT good at is actually DOING these projects.  I figure it's a lot like how I collect cookbooks but can't cook.  Still, it's like an addiction.  So today I landed in like a rabbit hole of DIY crafts and I want to do them all!  And by do them all, I mean that I want to make a huge mess out of the supplies needed to do them all and then hope the projects basically put themselves together by osmosis or something.  That seems reasonable, no?

You see it's not that I can help myself.  So far I've learned that I can basically bejewel a pumpkin for Halloween.  I can glue jars to candle sticks and fill them with candy to create a centerpiece.  I can turn an empty Jack Daniels bottle into a soap dispenser (Okay, this one is TOTALLY going to happen at my house!).  I can store glitter in antique salt shakers.  I can learn to crochet a stuffed Totoro!  Holy crap! Someone stop me!!!!  It's all too much!!!  I finally gave in and made a board for this too.  I aptly named it "Shit I Wish I Could Do But We All Know I Can't."

I told you so.  How can this NOT be a good idea?!

My only regret at this point is that I realize that I'm too weak to stop.  I can admit that I have a problem (after only a few hours... kind of impressive, isn't it?!), but I'm not ready to stop.  I just started!  I can stop anytime I want to!  Maybe I'll stop next week!  What's the harm really?!  Wait!  No!  Don't cut off the internet!!!!  Noooooooooooooooooooo...

Okay, I'm kidding. I'm off to pin some shit.  Later, people!

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