Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Game Time!

Tonight on the blog, we have a special treat!  It's GAME TIME!!!  That's right, dear readers and loyal subjects. We're going to play a game!  Alright, now I'm looking for participation here but I'm going to go first.  The name of this game is What's On YOUR Desk?!  And it has rules!  Okay, it's a little more free form than that.  Not really rules.... more like suggestions!  And by suggestions, I mean that you can do as you please and cheat to your heart's content!  Everyone ready for the rules/suggestions/cheat ideas?  GREAT!  Because here's the deal.  Have you been to a baby shower or wedding shower or possibly a combination of both and played that game where everyone has to say what's in their purse?  Well this is just like that but without the wedding or baby or an actual purse.  Instead the idea is to tell what's on your desk.  For instance, since I'm going first, I'm going to let you all in on some of the little treasures that live on my work desk.  Since I work from home, I have a LOT of latitude (as you'll see) as far as what lives on my desk.  But it's a big desk so there's lots of stuff.  So I'll do my desk and you tell me about yours!  Honestly, this is a logical extension of the other random things I tell you all... like that time I shared the weird pictures I found on my phone's camera roll. Click here if you don't remember that.  So with that kind of sound logical reasoning behind our game tonight, I give you... without further ado... my desk!  And here we go!

This... is my desk:

Now that I look at it, it really does sort of look like a Where's Waldo picture, doesn't it?  Well with that in mind, I'm going to tell you what some of these things are!  Ready?  Great!

In the center of the desk, there are:

 2 computers and a third computer screen attached to one of them.

Sticky notes that tell me all sorts of important things I need to remember for work, for my kids, and there are three (1 from each daughter) notes telling me that I am the "most best" mom EVER!  That's because I totally am.  I feed my kids ice cream for some meals.  I deserve those notes!

The requisite pictures of the kids and everyone I love... and one of me and Jane Goodall just because I'm cool and I have one!  So nyeh!

On the left side there are:

 books on writing, notebooks containing work information and spiral notebooks for me to keep track of "stuff" in.

There are DVDs and CDs stacked in a couple of places that include everything from Bette Midler's Cool Yule CD to a DVD of the Chinese Disabled Persons Performing Art Troupe which is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

There's an old fashioned jar filled with gum balls.

There are printer cartidges to a printer that I don't even own anymore!

There's a Jenny Lawson/The Bloggess stick puppet that has been signed by Jenny herself!  (She signed her own boobs, naturally.)

There's also a bottle of Bacardi tucked into one corner in case of emergencies.

On the right side we find:

Stacks of important documents that I meant to deal with months ago but still haven't.

A stuffed owl, some owl figurines, a Goddess statue, a stuffed gray kitten, a jump drive shaped like a banana, and an Einstein bobble head because EVERYONE should have an Einstein bobble head!

A large salt lamp that I picked up in the German Alps and didn't think about the fact that it has a German power cord that I can't plug in here.

My Cheshire Cat mug and a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet figurine.

Oh and on top of the desk is a box of scrapbook supplies, a Cindy Loo Who doll, and an electric guitar autographed by the members of Duran Duran!!!  (Yup, I'm a Duranie and I'm HARD CORE!  Okay, I have an autographed guitar, and I'm willing to claim that makes me hard core.  Really, who's going to fight me over that?)

So there we have it, people! And now it's your turn!  Surely, I don't have the weirdest collection of things on my desk in the whole world.  In fact, I'm happy if someone just tells me one thing they have that's weirder that my stuff!  I just know you can do it!  Ready?  Great!  Here YOU go!...

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  1. I have sooo much weird crap on my desk, I don't know where to start! Two things come to mind though:

    1. I have an unauthorized full size bronze replica of The Maltese Falcon, made by an artist friend of mine. He mailed it to me all wrapped up in paper and string, just like in the movie.

    2. There is a vintage St. Christopher's medal that I paid $249 for on ebay....thinking I was only bidding $2.49. Ooops! Never shop ebay while drinking!


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