Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Took Pictures Of This, People!

I spent some time today looking through my cell phone pictures.  I was looking for something in particular but found something better.  Okay, I simply couldn't find what I was looking for so I distracted myself from that fact with the other things in that file.  I don't know how many pictures you have on your cell phone but I have HUNDREDS on mine.  Is it because it's so easy to pull it out of your pocket that you decide it's worth the trouble snap a picture of your friend picking her nose then keep it in perpetuity?  Alright, alright I keep it for blackmail purposes for sometime in the future when I might need it but that's hardly the point I'm making here.  Keep up with me, people!  My point... at least I'm pretty sure I had a point... was that it's amazing to go back and look at the various things that were important enough at that time to take a picture of them.  Granted I'm a little on the ADHD side in general, but I must say that some of these things amused me.  I'm pretty sure I emailed some of them during shopping trips to MPH (My Poor Husband).  I was likely trying to get credit for the things that I liked that I DIDN'T buy to make up for all the other things that I did.  Regardless, I decided that some of these were amusing enough to share.  So pull up a chair and enjoy the whole different level of random that is the camera roll in my phone!  You're welcome.

This one was because it turns out that even a lab jacket can be tricked OUT!

This is from 3 years ago when my cat was just a kitten.  I took it because... well, let's face it, because I could!  Admit it.  You'd do the same!

If you ever wondered what the before picture looks like at the beauty shop... this is probably it.  Or maybe it's during.  Regardless, I can't for the life of me figure out why I let anyone take this!

Words of wisdom, dear readers and loyal subjects.  If you lose your keys (yes, Minnie Mouse is my keyring) at a hospital.  You will probably get them back, but one of your friends will very likely have sealed them in a biohazard bag... for your own safety, of course.  Thanks, Sharma!

This one is of mile marker 13 at my second half marathon.  Yes, I only do half marathons at Disney.  It's further proof that if you stick Mickey Mouse or a Disney princess at the end of anything, I will keep going until I find them!  I'm pretty sure I took this just to prove that I'd made it this far.

This one is a tea towel. It really requires no explanation where I'm concerned.

I totally need to own these. I'm just sayin'.

More words of wisdom.  If you name something a SLU Team... people are really going to think this says something else entirely!  Again, just sayin'.

I remember emailing this to MPH.  That poor man, it's a good thing he loves me.  

Now I just need my phone so I can take more pictures!

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  1. Love. This. Post. I, too, have the occasional foil-headed shot. My favorite lately was te pickle juice ice pops at Wall-of-Mart. Awesome look at the inside of your brain.


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