Friday, September 7, 2012

Curse You, Joss Whedon!!!

It is official, people.  The Queen is in mourning.  It's been terrible.  It's been awful.  I might not survive this particularly morose period of time.  There's only one thing that I know that will truly, truly help.... MORE FIREFLY!!!!  No, that's NOT like more cowbell.  Cowbell can't cure this.  I realize I've come to the party 10 years late but I have discovered Firefly.  I have loved.... and lost.  And this is just totally not okay!

So for those of you who  know what I'm talking about already. Thank you.  I accept your condolences and share your pain.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's okay to come out from under that rock.  I did it and it was safe enough... unless you count having my guts wrenched out in my current devastation.  Okay, the gut wrenching makes it SOUND like it isn't safe, but truly some things are worth it.  This is one of them.  Just for those of you who really don't know, Firefly was a television show... a GENIUS and BRILLIANT television show that lasted only one season about ten years ago.  Joss Whedon managed to toss this out into the cosmos way before he got around to that whole Avengers thing.  It was fantastic but cancelled after the first season only to find cult fame status with the release of the DVDs.  So large and avid was the fan base that years later a single movie was made, called Serenity.  Yup, there's our background and here's why I'm traumatized.

I blame this on one of my friends.  I'm not speaking to him anymore.  He's been telling me for years that I needed to watch Firefly and somehow he finally convinced me to do it about a week or so ago.  Turns out Netflix has the whole series available for streaming (Run!  Do not walk!  Run and watch this if you haven't!).  Anyway, I started the series, got three quarters of the way through the first episode and pronounced the whole thing crap.  Yup, I hated it.  I didn't like any of the characters.  I didn't like the plot.  I didn't like anything.  So I cut it off and went to bed.  Little did I plan on MPH (My Poor Husband) and one of his insane rules of life.  It's pretty much his favorite rule, now that I think about it. It goes like this.  If you start to watch a movie, you have to watch until the end.  If it's crap, at least you'll know that if you ever come in at any point of the movie ever again and will know to cut it off/change the channel or whatever is appropriate.  I tried to tell him that this was a TV show, but he insisted we finish it anyway.  So really, I could blame him... what have I been thinking?!  Of COURSE this is MPH's fault!!!  Yup, it always is.

So here's the deal.  I have now finished watching all 14 episodes of sheer goodness.  I have fallen madly in love with each and every main character.  These people are REAL, I tell you!  They are fabulous, and I NEED them!  I was sustained for a few days there by the fact that I still had the movie to watch so it would be better.... but I finished that tonight too.  I am currently typing this from the floor where I have decided to wallow until someone brings back Firefly which will give me the will to get up and live again.  Send help!  I did, however, decide to enlist a few of my little friends to help show you how wonderful this show is and how important it is to BRING IT BACK!!!  So ready?  (Warning: This is going to be a lot more fun for those of you who already share my pain.  So for the rest of you... go watch the series then come back!  You'll thank me.)

You can really always count on Inigo in a fight.  I'm just sayin'.

*sniffle* This is TOTALLY the truth!  
I am so not getting over this.

This, too, is just simple truth.  Where's a Reaver when you need one?!!!  Oh wait, River beat them all up!

This, dear readers and loyal subjects, is how you know you're AWESOME!  (Well you read the blog so you get honorary awesome status even if you don't know what I'm babbling on about tonight.  You're welcome.)

Yup, even kids shows are dying without their Firefly!  This is from The Fairly Odd Parents (Yeah, it's a fave.  No one is shocked by this).

No, Early.  No, it doesn't!  I'm so glad you get me.

And this one is just for me... because the quote makes me smile!

So anyway, I'll spend the weekend eating cupcakes and lying around moaning and things to get some much needed sympathy.  If any of you need me, feel free to bring chocolate and I'll consider perking up.  Just so ya know.  *big sigh*  Alas, I suspect I will really survive.  No fears.  Another couple of days, another Firefly marathon and everything will be SHINY!

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  1. Ok, just this one more comment... I too miss Firefly. Watched he premier, lamented the cancellation. Danced when I found out the DVD contained new episodes! For what it's worth I hope you watch "Castle", since they throw in more than a few sly references to Firefly on a regular basis! Find the Halloween episode from season 1 and just watch the first few minutes for a special treat!


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