Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Now Preempt This Blog...

I was going to write a post tonight.  I swear I was, but there was this emergency.  In fact, it was more of a crisis than an emergency.  So I am sorry to say that there is no post tonight…. well except for this thing I’m posting now…. which hardly counts… only it sort of does…. but you know what I mean.  Anyway, here’s what happened.

This blog has been preempted for a speech by the President of the United States. 

Wait, that’s not right.  Sorry.  My bad!

This blog has been preempted due to the release of Joss Whedon’s (who I still have not forgiven for the lack of any more Firefly episodes) The Avengers! 

Because Robert Downey Jr IS all that!

Yes, indeedy!  I picked up a copy of the Avengers, which I wasn’t able to see in the theaters because the only things I EVER see in the theaters are animated movies for kids.  It’s one of those unwritten rules of parenthood that really suck, if you ask me.  But that’s okay because it came out today and I was off from work and I found it and I picked it up and I totally plan to watch it!  MPH is thrilled, as you can imagine.  I did at least warn him, though.  He realizes it’s a “me” sort of night, but has agreed to watch with me.  I’ve been saving up some serious Oooooohs and Aaaaaaaahs and general cooing noises for anything Robert Downey, Jr either says or does.  (The Queen thinks he’s yummy!)  The fact that Chris Hemsworth is also available for eye candy purposes is truly just a bonus!  This thing was practically made for ME!

This is just a little Robert Downey Jr gift from me to... well it's to me.  But you people can look at it too!

Anywho, my point is that I’d write except that I’m planning to watch a movie tonight instead.  So here I sit waiting for my oldest two daughters to finish ballet class.  I have my laptop in my lap (appropriate for the whole “laptop” title) and I’m writing while a few other mothers stare at me and pass judgment because I appear to be spending my free time on me rather than discussing how awesome my kids are with the other mothers.  Okay, I made that part up. There’s no one in the waiting room but me.  I’m probably some kind of loser mom and the others are all out to dinner, laughing and talking and doing that whole passing judgment thing.  Or maybe I’m just paranoid now from the whole PS thing I’m suffering from.  (Click here to see yesterday’s post if you are unaware of the suffering caused by and dangers inherent in my new illness… PS.)  It’s really hard to tell. 

Loki with Thor's hammer and Cap's shield! - “I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious Props Department."
Just to let you know, I stole this shamelessly off Pinterest.  I'd feel bad but it's funny and funny should always be shared!

So now that I’ve told you all what’s going on, I will now shut down my computer and stare at the walls until either someone else shows up who wants to talk to me (and by wants to talk to me, I mean who will sit still while I babble at them about absolutely nothing in general) or the girls finish their half hour class.  Really, a half an hour is hardly enough time for me to even get some good conversation going.  I think I’ll lead with my personal opinions on pterodactyl porn. That’s always a good opener!  You should see people’s expressions!  Priceless…. less pleasing than Robert Downey, Jr., but still priceless.  You can’t have everything you want, you know.

One last one because how... HOW could you possibly resist this man?  I surely don't know!


  1. Wow, stuck the landing. That last picture made me blush and then glance around paranoid-ly in my office.

    Would love to see your Dance Moms spin-off: you, in a room by yourself, typing.


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