Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Masochistic Tendencies

Well, it's official, my dear readers and loyal subjects.  The Queen has a masochistic streak that's apparently a mile wide!  And what has fed this streak lately, you ask?  (Of course you do.  You might not have realized you did but trust me.  Would the Queen lie to you?)  It's that current addiction of mine, that evil time consumer, the bane of my little ADHD mind.... Pinterest!

Okay, so here's how this went down.  I spent the last weekend of the summer at the beach this past weekend.  Having spent the last two years working from home... online.... sitting at a desk all day instead of running around a large facility like I used to, I've noticed that I MIGHT have picked up an extra pound or two... or thirty.  Whatever.  Anyway, now that summer is over, I finally decided that it was time to get rid of those pesky pounds.  Honestly, it's not so much that I need to diet as that I need make some generally healthier choices about what I do eat and getting exercise.  So anywho.... I've actually been doing very well with this and being much more responsible... you know, for the three days or so that I've been working on it.  It's the small victories that count, people.  But somehow something caught my attention today on Pinterest and well... the Queen went wild.  Yes, people!  I give you my most masochistic pin board ever!  I give you... CUPCAKE GOODNESS!!!

That's right.  I admit it.  In my sugar deprived state, I found a picture of this amazing cake!  I stared at it a few times then finally pinned it because it was simply beautiful.  But I really didn't have an appropriate board for it.  So what does that mean?  It means I make one!  And once I had a board with a cake on it OBVIOUSLY I had to take the next step!  And there's one thing the Queen does dearly love, and that is a cupcake!  So Cupcake Goodness was born and I spent the next hour or so tormenting  my responsible, healthy, determined to get rid of this extra weight, dying for a cupcake self!  But check this out!  How could I really NOT pin this stuff?!

Look at this!!! It's a cupcake.... ON A CUPCAKE!!!  How could it possibly get better than this?!  (To be fair, MPH just came up with a way.  It involves putting two mirrors on either side to make an unending series of mirror images, but honestly after about a hundred or so, that's just getting greedy.) 

But wait!  That's not all!!!

Now as far as I'm concerned, these were just made for ME!  Look!!!! They're Queenly cupcakes!  All the sugar but with a CROWN!  Life is good.  I am about willing to just lick the screen for these babies!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better.... I give you leopard print cupcakes!  Yes, people, it's true!  These cupcakes match my favorite shoes!  These would be to die for even without the sugar.  Well, okay. Who am I kidding.  I love that sugar!

It turns out that if you look hard enough, though, you can find more than just the cupcakes themselves.  So for the piece de resistance, I now give you a combination so fabulous, so awesome that these can only serve one purpose!  I give you...

Super Queen's SHOES!!!  Yup! These are them!  When the Queen dresses up in that most stylish of superhero costumes and transforms into her alter ego, Super Queen, THESE are the shoes she wears.  In fact, I am sending the ever fabulous and ever helpful Butlette on a mission to purchase a pair for me. So Tammie, wherever you are right now, you get out there and bring me back some shoes!!!

Kiss kiss, everyone!  I'm now going to go stare at the healthy dining choices in my refrigerator and cry. *sniff sniff*

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  1. mmm that cup cake looks....

    I'm following your link from The Bloggess and thought of sharing this link if you want to do a blog hop to get more followers

    Happy blogging!


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