Wednesday, July 11, 2012

With Friends Like These...

I've been running into things the past few days that just remind me of my friends.  Naturally these things are warped, irreverent and make me laugh at them.   Why?  Because that's the same way I like my friends!  And lucky for all of you, many of whom happen to be among my friends, I have decided to share.

I'll go ahead and say a few things about the people I like that should surprise no one.  First, anyone who takes themselves way too seriously makes me nervous.  I'm not sure why people do that.  How can you fail to see the humor in the absurd things that are simply part of our daily lives?  My friends constantly make fun of themselves, and they make fun of me, and they let me make fun of them.  We do this because we love each other and because we choose to embrace the absurd.  I highly recommend it.  So today's blog is for all my wonderful friends who hang out with me, laugh with me, and encourage me to do seriously stupid things so that we can laugh even more when they're over.  You know who you are.

Because with my friends "Bitch" is a term of endearment.

Because friendship never dies.  It just gets ghostly and funny!

Because my friends will be there to meet me and whisper "Good one!" when no one is paying attention.

Because my friends get me, and they'd tell you this too.

Because my friends laugh with me about work.

And finally because my friends message me with things like this just because they recognize that we're both AWESOME...

And because some things are just so funny that they need to be shared.

Yeah, my friends would do this.  I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!


  1. Love you back! Thanks for The pool boy joke!, it got me through the day!

    1. For all of you who want to see the joke (and for a hysterical site for funnies) here it is!


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