Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Time To Move When...

I would like to introduce you all to my colleague, Sonya.  Say hello, Sonya!  (I'm totally sure she'd do this if she were here, but she's not, so I'd appreciate it if you'd all imagine Sonya saying hello in the friendliest possible manner because she's that kind of girl.  Thank you!)  Anyway, Sonya was telling me earlier how happy she is that she and her husband have found a house and are placing an offer on it tonight because apparently.... it was time to move.

Now I realize we've all had times in our lives when we realized it was time to move on, but Sonya's was a bit more poignant, I thought.  And by poignant, I mean that I laughed out loud until I cried a little, and plan to use the experience to tease her mercilessly until the end of time. In fact I can now think of several practical jokes to play on poor, unsuspecting Sonya, but the Queen is a benevolent monarch so she'll probably just suggest these jokes to someone else and let them actually carry them out.  I'd hate to sully my crown with something like that.  (Actually I really just wanted to use the word "sully.")  So anyway, Sonya has been looking for a house in one particular area for over a year and a half now and had very little luck. I guess that part is probably obvious, now that I think about it.  Why would she continue to look if she'd had much luck.  Let's just move on, shall we?  My point here is that Sonya has finally found a house and they're making an offer on it tonight.  Turns out that this couldn't come at a better time because Sonya had decided over the weekend that it was DEFINITELY.... time to move.

Apparently it was over the weekend that Sonya had a visitor in her house, and this visitor was not of the human variety.  It would seem that she found a mouse in the house.  (Cue girlish screams here.)  Now personally, the Queen has nothing against mice.  I happen to think they're cute... unlike spiders... who have no redeeming qualities whatsoever and who completely freak the Queen out!!!  But not mice.  Mice are furry!  They have those cute twitchy noses!  They have whiskers like cats!  Who couldn't love one of these?!  The answer is obviously Sonya.

Just look at that tiny, little face!!!  It's adorable!!!

Now here's what happened.  Sonya seems to have come across this little cutie-pie in her kitchen, and it was just more than she could take.  I understand that several days later she made it back to the border between where one room stops and the kitchen starts and was simply unable to go any farther.  You'd have thought it was an attack mouse!  It wasn't, and frankly I forgot to ask how she even got rid of the mouse, but her concern was that it had friends.  She just couldn't go into the room, but it was kids to the rescue!  Turns out they've read The Little Engine That Could a few too many times and proceeded to DRAG and PUSH her into the kitchen while yelling "You can do it!" over and over again at her.  I'd have paid good money to see that, by the way!

Now see, Sonya?  It could have been a more aggressive mouse... with boxing gloves.  (I totally plan to have a set of these on hand in case I run into a mouse at some point.  I'd hate to miss the opportunity to dress one up and snap pics like whoever got this shot!)

So the mouse with friends concept turns out not to have been confined solely to the kitchen.  The house they're renting has a basement, and the washer and dryer are in the basement.  Sonya's logic here (irrefutable, I have to admit) is that if there are mice in the kitchen then SURELY there's a whole hive of them down in the basement!  And since there are obviously hundreds if not THOUSANDS of killer mice in the basement, there's no possible way she can go down there and do laundry ever again. the sort of deductive reasoning that would make Sherlock Holmes blush... it is time to either move from this home or... hire a housekeeper to do all kitchen chores and laundry.  And you know what?  I just can't argue with that!

See this little guy? You know what he's saying "Please, Miss Sonya.  Can't I stay?"  (He's probably carrying the plague or something but it was just too good for me to resist.  Look at that teddy bear!!!!!  How cute is that?!!!)

So after a year and a half, it is now "time to move."  And fortunately, a great house has finally been found.  I understand the offer is going in on it tonight, and I wish Sonya the best of luck with it.  You know who else wishes Sonya luck?  
This guy! That's who!!!!


  1. Love it, minus thread mouse pics of course ! Thanks for the positive vibes , need em...looks like I have competition ..

    1. Nooooo! More positive vibes heading your way! House for you!!!!


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