Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Random and I'm Lazy. So Sue Me!

It's that time of the week again, everybody!  Yes, it's the day that I get lazy because I've been packing for my very first blogger's conference and so I share with you all the funny things I've found during the week.  Oh and by found... I mean that I stole them from my friends who made the mistake of either sending them to me or posted them on Facebook.  As far as I can tell, that makes them seriously fair game.  Besides, they really did make me laugh so I'm sharing!  I am TOTALLY selfless here.  Now where did I leave my phone charger?.... I hate packing.  So here we go!

I reposted this for my friends Melanie (of wet pirates fame) and Tammie (The Butlette).  They're the ones usually following.  Of course I'm off to a conference full of bloggers so.... I bet I can find new followers!!!!
I posted this in a morning.  Enough said.

Now see?  It's not a drinking problem. It's because I rock!

Someone has apparently read too much Shades of Gray.  They should have spent more time with the dictionary.  I sit around and wait for people to figure out that they misspelled "aisle," which makes it even funnier... and true.

I hear it's catching.  That should make me extremely popular!!

This one is from The Butlette.  She has found the Queen's official wine brand!  Must buy some!

I don't even have a witty comment for this one. Some things just are.

This was my flash back to Asia and all the temples I toured.  It made me laugh... especially when the guy with the rake reminded me of Side Show Bob from The Simpsons!  That's my favorite episode!!!  The poor guy in charge is muttering "Inner Peace.  Inner Peace NOW!!!!" to himself, I'm certain.

Why?  Because even a drag queen recognizes the Queen and her "rack."  Yeah, I've still got it, and so do my friends!

I've been telling MPH for years that we needed a "wife."  I keep hearing the men I work with talk about what all theirs do. Sounds GREAT!  Where do I get one?

The Queen had to work on Saturday.  This is my homage to that event.  (Did you notice how I threw out the word homage?  I get extra credit for that, people.)

Because this was me on Saturday too!!!  (And I'm pretty sure there's a requirement for posting a funny cat picture with every post.)

Why?  Because I consider these things to be "educational."  You're welcome!

The scary thing is that I actually USE this scale!!!  I was so proud to see it!  Frighteningly, one of my former students within a professional program assured me that I taught her this same scale on her very first day training with me.  Yeah... frightening... but she turned out alright!

Now then... back to the packing.  Have a great day, people and smile once for me!

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