Sunday, May 6, 2012

Booking My Flight Now!

They have finally done it, dear readers and loyal subjects.  Someone has finally developed an airplane that I MUST fly upon.  I don't even care where it goes!  This is the airline for the Queen.  Nooooooo doubts.  Now I do have to stop at this point and say that I didn't even know that I was in the market for a personal airline.  But that was before the Queen's sister, the Duchess, had some free time and sent multiple emails to me today.  And so, without further delay, I give you Queen's Air!!! (Alright, someone screwed up and apparently labelled all the planes Eva Air, but I'm sure that can be corrected.)

Are you seeing this?!  Isn't it the cutest?! It's a Hello Kitty plane!  That's almost as good as smacking cupcakes and a tiara on the side of a plane and then giving it to me for my birthday!  How cute is that?!  But look! There's more!

Oh my Goooooood!  It's just the greatest thing EVER!  Who came up with this?!  Whoever it was, they didn't stop with the paint job.

We have flight attendants with their own Hello Kitty apron/stealth capes.  (We all know they turn those little cuties around and fly up and down the aisles when there's no one else on the plane.  No one can resist a make shift cape!)

We have Hello Kitty snackies!!

And Hello Kitty pillows!  You too can sit on Hello Kitty... wait, I just realized exactly how wrong that was... and now I can't get that out of my head.  Well poo.

Ah well, obviously the nice people at Eva Air have realized that I needed my own private fleet of planes, and they have graciously created one for me.  Personally, I would have added little bitty tiaras on Hello Kitty, but since they did all this themselves, I wouldn't dream of pointing out the only real flaw.  Well, I think we should bedazzle a few of the pillows too because bling never hurt anyone, but I'm willing to put some of my minions to work on that.  In fact, perhaps my Henchman could handle that little project for me.

So now I'm off to the airport to bask in the glory that is my Hello Kitty themed plane and flight crew.  Someone figure out a location for my first test flight.  I'm certain I should file a flight plan but the Queen will be far too busy squealing over the cuteness to figure out anything about that.  Now where did I leave that bedazzled?....


  1. I humbly accept my new title and am thrilled to help The Queen. I refuse, however, to sleep with Prince Charles! And of course, I wouldn't dream of stealing William away from Catherine, although we both know that would be like taking candy from a baby. ;-)

    Donna, The Duchess of All Things Good

  2. Modesty runs in the family, dear readers and loyal subjects. It's just bred into us.


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