Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Kid Has Style... It's Just UNIQUE Style

As the Queen and a mother, there are things that I will accept the blame for and things that I just won't.  I will start out by saying that as far as fashion goes, the Queen likes her some color!  I wear lots of colors, bright colors, alone or in combination.  I very rarely wear something subdued like black, but that's just me.  Let's face it, I've never been afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Now while this is the case for me personally, one of my daughters has developed her own personal sense of style that takes all of that just one step further.  My youngest likes color but she likes patterns even more!  Lots of patterns, bright patterns, and MOSTLY in combination!  This child takes what I find attention grabbing and ratchets it up about 10 more notches.  This is, however, her personal style.  I don't accept the blame for it, but I do let her run with it.  It really is very her.  That said, when I end up out in public with her on the days that she indulges in her own fashion forward style, I find myself telling complete strangers "I didn't dress her this morning."  Do you suppose this is how Lady Gaga's mother felt?  Now that I've said that, I realize you're all envisioning a 6 year old wearing a meat dress and since that's taking it a bit far, only because I've never let her SEE much less CONSIDER a meat dress, I figure I should show you what I mean.

This is Caroline.... in a tree.  This isn't exactly normal.  Well, I mean she's normally Caroline but only sometimes is she found in trees.  Regardless, she definitely picked this particular outfit out herself.  The top is white with pink polka dots, hearts and scotty dogs (I'm not really sure why the scotty dogs are pink.  Perhaps they fell into a vat of pink food coloring while they were on their way to play scotty dog golf or something. Who really knows?).  The skirt is patch madras plaid, and the tights.... well, they're multicolored stripes.  Do you see what I mean here?!  (I have come back to add in a caveat.  This is the same child who won't wear what I pick out for her because she says it "doesn't match!"  I'm just thinking what the hell?!!!)

And here is what happens when she takes a sick day.  This isn't what she slept in overnight.  This is what she chose to spend her day at home in.  Frighteningly she's not entirely to blame here.  The polka dot top and striped bottoms really are supposed to go together.  Those socks though... all her!  Clearly I'm dealing with a budding fashionista.... of some sort!  I really am keeping an eye on all the meat, though.  I'm just not prepared to deal with that as an outfit.  I'm pretty sure she'd paint polka dots and stripes on it before she'd wear it, but I don't really want to find out.  Some things a mother just doesn't need to know.  But we have time for one last one!

Here's my baby striking a post while wearing one solid color and Mom's sunglasses.  It's definitely tame for her but it does make me realize something.  Yeah, she's going to be a rock star... just like Mommy!!!  You go, Baby!

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