Friday, May 4, 2012

Who Knew Aprons Were So Cool?!

Holy cannoli!  My very first Queen Of All Things Good merchandise has arrived!!  YAY!!!  Let the trumpets blare!  Let the confetti drop!  Let me figure out how the hell to get into this package!!!  Oh wait, got it!  I'm just tickled to death at the arrival of my official Queen's APRON!  Wait... what was that?  Did I hear snickering?!  Okay fine!  I probably shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen.  I definitely shouldn't be allowed to turn on appliances, but I really HAVE been sort of trying lately despite my personal notoriety for NEVER cooking!  That counts for something, right?!  Come on, dear readers and loyal subjects! Throw the Queen a bone here!  Besides, I'm just all kinds of excited about my own super cool personalized Queen stuff... (Which you too can purchase by clicking here if you're just Jonsing for some regal doodads.)  So anyway, I got my apron and decided to take some action shots so you all could see it too.  So here you go!  You're welcome.

Look at that apron!  (It says "The Queen is in the Kitchen," by the way.)  It's just beautiful!  And it's white!... or it was until I impaled that pesky watermelon!  I did warn you they were action shots.

And here I am playing the pots and pans that hang there in my kitchen. MPH (My poor husband) put them up there.  I think he did it because he figured I couldn't reach them there but I CAN!  It's easier to just bang them with a spoon and spatula, though.  Oh and the pink stuff... those are balloons. Don't even ask!

AAAAAARRRRR!  I'm a pirate!  Prepare to be boarded, Matey!  Or the heck with boarding.  Just look out for the big ass knife and someone help me open this bottle of Jack.  I'll be happy to leave you all alone and nurse that instead.  Just sayin'.

Hmmm, well you see it turns out that taking all these pictures was sort of draining and ummm... I got hungry.  This is me taking a little ice cream break before getting back to it and stuff.  Yeah.

But on the bright side, I saved the best for last!  Yes, you guessed it!!!  TADA!

It turns out that if you put the apron on backwards.... IT'S A CAPE!!!!  I'd have made more pictures but once I put on my cape I felt compelled to go out and fight boring with my wonder power, FABULOUSNESS!!!  Besides, I was all jacked up on a sugar high from the ice cream.  You should have seen me running... errrr, flying around the house! IT WAS GREAT!!!

Now, I'm just going to sit here and wait for my next delivery... Queen coffee mugs! Whoooohoooo!


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    1. I know, right?! I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner! Now I just need some "in flight" shots. I'll try not to hurt myself.


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