Thursday, May 31, 2012

Working At The Beach... You're Kidding, Right?

Oh my dear readers and loyal subjects, this is SOOOOOOO unfair!!!  I am sitting here minutes from the beach.  It's in the low 90's, sunny and clear.  It's a BEAUTIFUL day to be at the beach!  And what have I been doing while I'm down here all day?  Working! That's what!!  Just how did this happen to me?!  The Queen should definitely not be working this close to a glorious beach on a day like today.

Before I get to that though, I wanted to say that I missed you all yesterday.  I wanted to post some kind of little treat for you all but the cosmos conspired against me.  Because of that, I offer you this in apology...

And now back to our regularly scheduled randomness.  So just how did the Queen end up having to work this close to an oh so tempting beach?  And why was she unable to deliver treats to you yesterday?  Well I'll tell you how it happened.  We lost internet at home!  Now, for someone who works online from home, internet... it's a plus.  I have tried running a piece of string between two computers before to see how that works.  I figured if it works with cans, surely it works with computers.  They're metal... I think.  Frankly I'm not sure, but this wasn't one of my best thought out theories, so don't judge.  Turns out it doesn't work.  Computers do NOT work based on vibration.  They work based on magic.  I should have realized.  Now I just need a wand and we'll all be fine.  But in the absence of that, I figured that my boss (Everyone say Hi, Cherie!) would probably prefer that I use one of the more "conventional" methods of internet connection, namely actually connecting to the internet.  So since that wasn't possible at home, I went on an epic trek through rugged country with a pack of friends including an elf, a garden gnome, two flamingos, and my Butlette in search of internet.  Okay, I didn't really do that.  I did, however, drive an hour to MPH's other office down near the beach.  Whilst there, I pirated his internet!!! *big sigh*  Okay, I plugged in where his receptionist usually sits, but don't you all think pirating sounds a lot more exciting? It's been a long day. Work with me here.

So anyway, here I've sat in MPH's satellite office down near the beautiful white sandy beach... sulking... pilfering through his drawers in search of evidence of .... something.  (Of note, I did find a hershey's kiss which is like a bonus.  It's not evidence but it IS chocolate.  And frankly, that's just better... and distracting.  What was I looking for again?)  Incidentally, it turns out that the Optometry office isn't that exciting to explore.  After jumping through all the rooms humming the Mission Impossible theme song as loud as you can then riding up and down on the exam chair a few times yelling "WHEEEEEEEE!" until someone else comes to check on you to make sure you haven't lost your freaking mind, there just isn't all that much to do.  No wait, I also sat in the exam chair with the refractor in place, flipping random levers and spinning different dials while asking myself "Which is better?  One or two?"  (hint:  The real answer is 3... or giraffe... whichever makes your examiner's eye lid twitch.)  On the plus side, I did find this!  Turns out a few Knights have been wandering through here.

So that was my day.  How was yours, dear?  I'll be back down here tomorrow because I've checked in with home and I STILL don't have internet.  S if someone will just bring me a nice blender drink and a bucket of sand to help me get through the day, I'd really appreciate it.

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  1. You're right, pirating does sound cooler ... but you have to commit to it. A pirates hat and a hand hook are mandatory for engaging in Internet piracy. The parrot on the shoulder is optional though.


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