Monday, May 14, 2012

Technoholics Anonymous... aka But It's an iPhone!

Hello, my name is The Queen, and I am a technoholic.  (Everyone say "Hello, Queen!" because I know that the vast majority of you are here at this Technoholics Anonymous meeting with me.)  It's an addiction and I know it, but I love my gadgets!  I love my laptop just as I've loved all my others.  Yes, it's tricked out enough to do things that I have no idea what to do with even if I could figure out how to do them.  I love my iPad. I love my iPhone.  I love my e-readers (before I got my iPad), and I taught my family how to set up their Kindle Fire's this past Christmas.  No gadget is too big or too small. I love them all!

Now we can carry all of this in our pocket! (Now brace yourselves for the upcoming iProduct funnies.  I couldn't help myself.)

I've had to come to grips with this aspect of my life slowly.  You see, I was in denial for a while.  And then.... there was the intervention.  MPH (My Poor Husband) and I were in Vegas years ago and packing up to head home when it happened.  He took one look at me and called me a techno-junkie.  Well, I wasn't about to take that lying down!   I categorically denied the charge!  I was insulted!  Then he pointed out that I was trying to stuff 2 laptops, 2 cell phones, 1 pager, my CD walkman (this was before my iPhone) and one of the early forms of an e-reader all into my carry-on bag before checking in for our flight home.  Honestly though, it really wasn't my fault. It wasn't like I'd brought all of that stuff out to Vegas with me!  Seriously, I'd brought about half.  I could quit whenever I wanted to!!!  But then, that was the first time I'd ever actually been into an Apple store and I might have gone a little nutso in there.  It was in the Forum.... and it was BEAUTIFUL!  To this day I still get a little misty eyed around all those gadgets and techs.  I finally had to admit that maybe I had a problem, but it turns out it's a problem I wasn't willing to do anything about... except to feed that addiction!

And that is how my love affair with technology and Apple began.  Currently I'm typing on a MacBook Pro. I have my iPhone in my pocket, and my iPad is on the desk behind me.  Yes, it's an issue.  Yes, Apple users tend to be a little on the loyal side, and yes, I do think Steve Jobs could do no wrong technologically speaking.  One of my friends used to yell that Steve Jobs could pee on the floor, call it an iPuddle and people would line up around the block to buy it... and he's probably right!

I'm not quite that bad though.  I don't have the latest iPhone.  I lust after Siri but it turns out I don't do it enough to go buy her.  I don't have the latest iPad because I like the one I have far too much.  I've never once lined up to get one of these products the day it came out.  I will admit though that this is my second iPad.  MPH was given the first after I upgraded.  Frankly, that's how he gets a lot of his gadgets.  He just doesn't seem to care to have them himself and he's content to get them when I upgrade.  I secretly suspect that there's a technology synapse that's just not firing in his brain, but I hate to point it out.  I figure that if it DID fire, he'd be more likely to want the upgrades for himself and then where would I be.  And let's face it, this is another one of those things that really IS all about me.

Okay, with this product, it's all about her!

That said, one of my friends sent me this link the other day to a youtube video about the iPhone.  I didn't make it far into the video before I was laughing hysterically because I could so see myself and some of the people I know in it.   The insanity that comes out during the launches of new Apple products truly is awe inspiring. That's the case here.  Just be aware that there's some rather graphic language in here.  I want an iPhone video... Click here!  I am proud to say that I've never gone that insane.  Just don't try to take any of my gadgets away.  That sight might not be so pretty.

Dangerous Apple products!

And finally, here's the alternative to your Queen Of All Things Good mugs.  I like mine better, but then I'm biased.

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