Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pink. It's the new... well... pink.

Okay first of all, I had to laugh this morning.  After the discussion of what ads should have popped up associated with my post on tiny penises in my houseplant (see here: http://queenofallthingsgood.blogspot.com/2012/03/why-are-there-penises-in-my-house-plant.html), I logged in to find an actual ad for Walden University on the blog.  Needless to say I started laughing and called Denise who had come up with that concept in the first place.  She was dumbstruck.

Second, I want to thank everyone for the get well wishes.  I'm feeling much better today.  Still sick, but I'm better!  I'm pretty sure I've beaten back 5 of those 10 burly thugs who attacked me with this cold.  So to answer your next question, yes.  I'm still whining anyway.  Tammie, bless her cold giving heart, has made the cootie thing up to me with a lovely copy of God Save the Queen's lyrics.  I'm considering using it as my personal theme song for a while.  To be honest some of my other personal theme songs have been a bit more... risqué.  But they're always huge fun to sing!

And on a different note, it was my now six-year old's actual birthday today.  Yes, we had the party of the weekend, but this was the big day.  And let me just tell you that having a six year old run the day is an interesting event.  Mine is a micro-manager... and a tyrant!  Yeah, she's me in miniature.  She apparently managed to plan out with her sisters that she would be the one with the final word for the day.  More specifically, she got to indulge in one of her favorite activities and pick their clothes for the day.  This one event alone could have filled up her day.  Kitten, as we call her, isn't one to be afraid of change.  Change is good.  LOTS of change is even better, especially when it comes to clothes.  To begin with, Kitten has a definitive favorite color.  It's pink... the brighter the shade of pink, the better.  And she's a big fan of pink clothes.  She typically wants to choose my clothes for me on any given day.  And if she had her choice, I would be clad perpetually in hot pink... head to toe.  The shades of hot pink might not even match but that's hardly her concern.  And trust me.  I've made the mistake of telling her she could do this in the past.  (I'm a sucker for a cute little princess.)  I own hot pink keds, hot pink heels, a hot pink sundress, hot pink t-shirts, and even pants with hot pink accents.  Yes, I like it too, but not all together!  Her idea of a great outfit for Mom is the hot pink sundress layered over the pants with the heels preferably and maybe a purse to go with it.  There have been occasions when I've walked out of the house in some such ensemble only to stash another set of clothes in a bag, sneak them to my car, and change when I got out there!  Yes, I'm weak.  The tears and fit were more than I could steel myself for on those days.  It was just easier this way.  Though I'm not sure what my neighbors think when they wander out to their car only to see me struggling to change into an entire new outfit in my own car.  Oh well, it's one more thing for them to talk about with their co-workers.  I can hear it now "You are not going to BELIEVE what that woman has done this time."  Now that I think about it, they really owe me.  I'm adding spice to their otherwise boring and rural lives.  I tell MPH the same thing fairly frequently.  It seems to stop his eyelid from twitching when I've otherwise pushed him too far.  Or maybe it doesn't, and I just can't see it anymore when he walks away muttering under his breath.  I'll have to ask him next time.

Anyway!  I'm still a little under the weather so I'm going to take myself on to bed.  Besides I should show MPH how lovely I look in my hot pick PJ's, pink fuzzy bathrobe and pink fuzzy slippers.  Guess who helped me get ready for bed.  See you tomorrow, peeps!

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