Friday, March 23, 2012

The Weekly Random Wrap Up

Yes indeed, dear readers and loyal subjects, it's time for our weekly random wrap up.  It's that time of the week where I bring to you all those random tidbits that I've gathered together for you all week that just didn't fit into any particular post... including the one about tiny yellow penises in my house plant.  And yes, I know.  That's really sort of frightening when you think about it.  Regardless, even I have a hard time getting all the random to fit some weeks.  And this... was one of them.

This week I learned an important life lesson.  Frankly, I may have known this back in kindergarden but if I did, I forgot it and so it was important to learn again.  So here it is.  If you're going to make a popsicle stick puppet, you shouldn't use superglue.  I accidentally glued myself to a stick puppet of my hero, The Bloggess.  And yes, I have a stick puppet of The Bloggess.  What?  You have a problem with that?  Just wait, peeps!  One day you'll all be happy to have stick puppets of me.  And when you do... don't use superglue.  Words of wisdom from me to you.

If you have little girls and they play with water balloons, you should watch them carefully.  It turns out that inevitably it occurs to one of them to put the water balloons in their bathing suit tops.  I was unprepared for the sight of my 7 year old and 9 year old with water balloon boobs... and I had diet coke in my mouth.  It got messy.

Now this next one is left over wisdom from Disney World that I saved up for you.  Turns out, it's really hard to get a good picture of a large cupcake with pink frosting.  I got one at Disney World before I left with every intention of posting a picture for you.  I've found, however, that they don't stick around long enough to get their picture taken... even when we're alone.  I'm not sure why that is.  I'm sure it was the cupcake's fault, though.  I should probably get another one and check out my theory... or ten.

This one is a Facebook related lesson.  If you ever fall into a pool while trying to rescue your 90 pound German Shepherd, don't post that fact on Facebook and expect to get some sympathy, even from your own mother.  Apparently everyone really just wants to know if the dog is okay... including your own mother.  Which now that I think of it, I'm probably lucky she didn't bother to eat her own young.  (Just kidding, Mom!)

When MPH suggests that we should leave Disney World very early in the morning so we miss some of the traffic on the way home and then I ignore him, as I tend to do, he really isn't in the best mood when we hit traffic and lose an hour on the drive home.  Oh and a caveat to this one.  If it's Bike Week in Daytona and you have to drive through, it's best to decide to stop for breakfast at any exit OTHER than the one with the a three story Harley Davidson dealership that serves as one of the centers of bike activity.  Turns out bikers get really hungry too... in mass.

And last but not least.  You haven't been on vacation with The Queen until the cops have been called!  Chalk up one successful vacation!  And if you missed it, trust me. This one was worth a read.

Now I hope you all have a wonderful start to your weekend.  The Queen will be at her baby's birthday party.  She's turning six and it's round 2 of the Dueling Wars at MagiQuest.  I'll be sure to do you proud!  Kisses and cupcakes for everyone!

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