Friday, March 16, 2012

The Weekly Random Wrap-up!

Okay, everybody!  It's time to grab your cupcakes and hang on because it's time for the weekly random wrap-up!  Whooohooo!  I'm excited!  Are you excited?  I certainly hope so because really all I've got here is a title that I just wanted to use.  I mean, come on.  Have you tried saying it yet?  Weekly Random Wrap-up... If you have, then I think you should try it five times fast because it made me giggle after about two and a half.  But to be fair, a lot makes me giggle.  Actually, I've been thinking on and off all day today about what I'd like to talk about tonight.  It's my last night on vacation with the family and my mind's been all over the place.  I've had a lot going on and so never could settle on one topic.  So you see, I stumbled onto my obviously GENIUS title for tonight but then wasn't sure what to do with it.  But now I know!  I will regale you, dear readers and loyal subjects, with all the odd little things that have gone on this week that really just didn't fit into any other post, which, now that I think about it, is impressive all on it's own.  I wrote about pterodactyl porn this week.  It's kind of hard to imagine what else I have that I thought didn't fit in somewhere else if I made room in a post for that!  Anyway, here goes!

1.  Working while you're on vacation can be an interesting experience.  I work online so I ended up working on both Wednesday and Friday while I was down here.  Today, I spent the whole day with the windows open and a lizard who kept me company.  He spent most of the day on the side of the screened area surrounding the ubiquitous Orlando area house pool, but I'm pretty sure I caught him humping it a few times during the day.  Once I caught him sitting on the window sill staring in at me while I worked.  I wasn't sure if he was thinking about humping the window sill next or if he was trying to sell me insurance.  I wasn't sure that either option was good.

2.  There's not much funnier than a five year old staring up at you in the gift shop at the Rockin' Roller Coaster in Disney World while wearing a headband with Mickey Mouse shaped, glittery antennae on it when you just aren't expecting it. Trust me on this one.  I have pictures!

3.  Little Miss Matched, the previously mentioned five year old's favorite source for socks, is now making (I'm not making this up here...) cupcake themed mismatched sock...that are scratch and sniff!!!  They claim the smell will last through about 17 washings before going away.  You just have to rub your finger lightly over the cupcakes on the socks and then you can sniff them.  I've thought about this and can see no end to the jokes that can be made here... or the tricks that can be played with these socks.  And yes, before you ask, there is a set of them already packed in my suitcase.

How can these NOT be a great idea?!  Here's the link if you want some too.

4.  If you let me into a home that's for sale fully furnished, you should expect me to make gagging noises if the furnishings are horrible.  Now, the Queen is never rude, as I'm certain you know, but there is an appropriate amount of gagging that can be performed delicately behind one's hand and covered with an obviously faked cough.  That's what I was going for there.  Or maybe it was more along the lines of the amount of gagging that would be required if my previously discussed lizard friend had tried to run away from the horrific furnishings and kill himself by tossing himself down my throat.  Yes, that about sums it up.  And I must say here that the furnishings in one house... Whew!  Worse than any smelly sock jokes I could come up with.

5.  If you are a mere princess and the Queen shows up, it is best if you scooch aside a little on your float before the Queen shoves you off it.  A Queen needs a lot of room to wave to her loyal subjects, and by any reckoning, Queen trumps princess.  So there.  Now don't be such a cry baby, Snow White!

And with that, I leave you to the rest of your day, dear readers and loyal subjects!  I have one more day in the Magic Kingdom tomorrow which I plan to use to ride everything twice and find the biggest, pinkest cupcake in the Magic Kingdom and have my picture made with it!  I'll post the results.  You're welcome.

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