Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zumba... Without That Pesky Exercise

Is it bad that I like the music from my zumba class better than I like actually going to zumba?  It's not that I dislike zumba.  In fact, now that I think about it, I really enjoy it.  Anything that actually convinces me that I'm dancing rather than exercising is a good thing, in my mind. I love to dance.  I hate to exercise!  But zumba is something that I found recently and started doing... before I got lazy and quit going because I could come up with too many other things that needed to be done instead of an exercise/dance class... like cleaning out the corners of my office behind the bookshelves or drying my hair without washing it first... whatever!  So yeah, I admit it, I'm not a huge fan of exercise even though I enjoyed the zumba class. I think it's a mental thing, and there will be no "mental" jokes at this time, kthanxbai!  Anyway, despite all of this, I really enjoyed the music my zumba instructor selected.

I think it's the fact that this woman isn't stick skinny.  She's a curvy sort of girl.  I'M a curvy sort of girl.  I can weigh nearly nothing and my body is still going to curve!  I'm a girl, not an adolescent boy, dammit!  I even gifted MPH (My Poor Husband) with a text/picture message of my cleavage today because I was bored at work and thought it looked nice.  But my point is that the music she selected emphasized that it was okay to be curvy.  My favorite was the Moto Moto song from Madagascar.  Yeah, you heard me!  I like a song from a cartoon!  Darn thing was called Big and Chunky.  Yes, a hippo sang it (played by from the Black Eyed Peas so still cool) but that's not the point!  This song espouses the joys of the curvy among us.  It's okay to not be a toothpick, which is good because the Queen is NOT a toothpick.  So naturally whatever she IS is a good thing.  Welcome to my world, peeps.  Okay, so the heroine of Big and Chunky eats so much she eats a barking dog, but these are hippos, people!  Don't judge!  It's a food chain thing, I'm pretty sure.  Anyway, so I always liked this song and the Queen can seriously shake it for some Moto Moto.  The other song she used that I really enjoyed was Chocolate (Choco Choco) by Soul Control.  This one was all about loving chocolate!  And it has a seriously danceable beat (or zumbable... look! I just made a word!  You're welcome.).  This song also has the added advantage of having the line "It makes you happy!  It gets you sexy!  It makes you fat!  But we don't care about that!"  I love these people!!!!  It's like they're running around inside my head!  Okay, if they were really running around in my head, they'd have run off screaming by now, but you see my point.

Alright, I see that I appear to be obsessed with sweets and the consequences of said sweets here but it's been that kind of weekend.  My baby, who we call Kitten, turns 6 on Tuesday and we had her birthday party on Saturday.  Yes, I had my wand out and was MagiQuest-ing again (See here for round one at MagiQuest and how I let my friend Julie win because I'm a good friend like that!  But the point here is that we had birthday cake.  There are few things on this planet that I can't resist (most of which aren't tempting at all, like brussel sprouts covered in peanut butter because I'm the sort that can resist anything but temptation, but I digress), but high on the list of irresistible is birthday cake with that gritty icing that's all lard and sugar and has no redeeming qualities... you know, like cupcakes!  Yeah, it's not a big stretch.  You people should have seen this coming.  But I admit it.  Birthday cake is like my own personal kryptonite.  I can not resist!  I had it for breakfast with a cup of espresso in a vampire mug that was a gift from when MPH went to Transylvania.  THIS is the true breakfast of champions!  By the way, people often ask the Queen of health advice.  It's sort of part of her job.  I'd like to officially state here that I'm a do as I say and not as I do kind of girl.  There.  Now you know.

Anyway, I am now listening to all the zumba music that i enjoyed from class without actually, you know, doing any zumba. This is the life, people!  Now someone bring me some more cake!

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