Monday, April 2, 2012

BirthDAY?! No Way...BirthMONTH!

Are you one of those unfortunate people who had a birthday that fell during a school break when you were a child?  Well... I suppose technically it still falls during a school break whether you're a child now or not but really, it's just the kids that this affects.  I was one of those and one of my daughters is as well.  My birthday... you should be writing this down now, people... is June 12 so it always fell during summer vacation.  My youngest just turned six over spring break for her year-round school, and let me tell you that this is a downer!  You see, for those of you who don't already know, you plan out your birthday party and you want all your friends to be there, but your friends have scattered over the break period or you just can't find them because your mother isn't cool enough to have everyone else's mother's phone numbers already (Yeah, peeps.  This is me.) so you end up disappointed by the limited turn out for your birthday.  For a six year old, this seriously sucks!  It's even worse if your six year old is the drama queen that mine is!  Trust me on this.  I do have to say that I was impressed with the fact that my daughter tackled this disappointment by moving away from the traditional birthDAY concept and heading straight for the whole birthMONTH plan.

Here's how it went down.  Kitten had her birthday party the weekend before her birthday. There was only one problem.  The party was after the 1st week of her three week spring break, and though I'd gotten invitations sent out prior to spring break, I'd only heard from two of her friends from school who planned to be there instead of ALL the friends from school she'd invited.  She had several other long time family friends who were all coming... they'd probably been to all of her birthday parties but her little heart was broken than more of her school friends couldn't come.  We made the best of the situation... there was a party, there was cake, there were presents, there was more cake... or that might have just been for me. I can't exactly recall now but that cake was good!  Just sayin'.  Anyway, she had a great time, but then her real birthday rolled around the following week, and my little princess made sure to mention to everyone that her party had been on the wrong day so she expected cake and presents again.  Did I mention that she was definitely mine? Well she is... definitely.  No DNA test needed.  Mine mine mine.  Anyway, to get on with the topic.  We had a second party on her actual birthday with cake and presents and family and more cake... it was good cake too!  So I figured that was the end of it.

Now fast forward another week and a half and it's the night before school resumes.  There was a melt down.  I admit it. I expected it. The child gets upset that she has to go back to school after the weekend.  After three weeks the melt down is seriously ugly.  Only this time there was a caveat.  You see, she'd had a birthday and two parties since she'd last been to school.  And she had a very strong opinion about that.  Apparently neither of these two parties really counted because her school friends couldn't be there.  There needed to be ANOTHER party, and she knew just how it should go down.  I should bring cupcakes to her class for this party.  She had a point. I did do it for her sisters when their birthdays fell during the school year.  It wasn't like I could argue that I shouldn't just because hers had been during break.  Well I could, but it wasn't like a six year old was about to accept that logic!  She doesn't understand prison tattoos either, but that's another story... which you can find if you look in archives.  Anyway, so it's like 9pm and she's informing me that this is how it's going to happen and frankly it was easier to just say sure than to deal with the melt down for half the night right before sending her back to school.  It's a matter of picking your battles, dear readers and loyal subjects.  An anti-cupcake stance just wasn't going to be one of mine. So off MPH (My Poor Husband) went to the store while I got the girls to bed.

Fast forward to today and there I sit, wearing a hot pink sundress (yeah, she picked it out again) and headed to kindergarten with cupcakes.  They went over well.  She was a princess and got lots of attention, including from those friends who hadn't been able to make it to one of her other parties.  And naturally I got to be the queen and hero, and I managed to hide away one cupcake for me too.  Yeah, overall it's been a good birthmonth for her.  And you know, I think I might have to arrange one for me too.  Wonder if I can convince MPH that daily gifts are needed for the whole month.  Hey!  It's worth a shot!  Maybe I'll finally get a chainsawed flamingo!  If not, would you buy me one?!  You people are the best!

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  1. Start your birthMonth beginning of June! I'm coming for a visit to celebrate!


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