Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zombies and Ninjas and Roller Derby, Oh My!!

I've been thinking today about the things that are missing in my life (Bear with me on this one.  Some of my thoughts jumped around a little... not that that shocks anyone.  I'm just sayin'.).  Now the things I was thinking about are aside from the super cool super-hero theme song that Axis of Awesome really should write for me but they haven't yet and haven't even responded to my well thought out letter listing the reasons that they should, which can be viewed here, because I hate to  keep mentioning it even though they keep not writing it.  Other than that, of course, unicorns immediately came to mind.  Soon afterwards, though, one of my kids hit me in the head with a stuffed unicorn so I figured that I had plenty of unicorns, thank you very much.  Crossing that one off the list, I came to the realization that I don't have nearly enough zombies or ninjas in my life.  So now I'm in search of more.  Turns out they're sort of pesky and sneaky in  a way that I just didn't expect, and I've stumbled upon neither during the course of the day!  I even though of the possibility of finding zombie ninjas!  You know, they'd be sneaking up on you kind of sluggishly but with determination before whipping out some awesome moves but in slow motion all while trying to nom on your brain.  It'd be GREAT!!!  Once that occurred to me I figured that I couldn't be the only one so I went looking for pictures.  That's when I found this.

Yes, dear readers and loyal subjects, that is apparently a zombie ninja CHICKEN by Michelle Naegle.  You know what it makes me think?  There are people even more random that I am who are running around posting things on the internet.  And that's both frightening and FANTASTIC at the same time.  Kudos, Michelle!

Alright, now we all know that the zombie ninja chicken is going to be stuck in my head for like... ages, but there was something else that I was also thinking about as well.  And we all know that if I think about it, I tend to tell you poor people.  That's because MPH (My Poor Husband) has figured out that I can babble to you all and he can actually get a break from hearing about all the weird things that kind of wander through my head.  So basically what I hear from him is, "You know, that's a great idea.  You should totally mention that on your blog.  People would love it."  Incidentally, that would sound a LOT more supportive if I had any hint that he was really listening to anything I'd just said.  I'm betting he wasn't though because he never picks his head up out of whatever book he's reading when he says it, and it's always said in the same monotone so frankly, I doubt his sincerity.  One day I'm going to tell him his pants are on fire and wait to see if he suggests that you'd all find it fascinating.

But back to my point, it turns out there's this fantastic group in city relatively close to my little town that I want to join.  It's amazing.  It'd be awesome. I really have to do it.  That's right!  You guessed it!  ROLLER DERBY GIRLS!!!!  Can't you just see it?!  I could be... wait for it... the Roller Derby Queen!!!  Whooohooo!  They even have the cutest emblem!  Check it out!

Isn't it great?!  I even like the pirate thing they have going on there.  AAARRRRRGGGGH and all!  This is perfect!  The way I see it, I can have those frustrating days that seem to be occurring with far too much frequency lately, and then I can just go let out all that steam in a nice, civilized manner... in the roller derby.  Oh and apparently I'm not the only one to think that way...

Yeah, these are my people!  Give me my tiara, slap on some skates and I am THERE!  Now I just need a really cool roller derby name.  I'm going to give that one some thought.  Feel free to help me out, too! I  suspect that I can use it.  You see, I'm stuck trying to figure out how to make zombie ninja chicken into a roller derby alias.  Yeah, too many weird thoughts bouncing around in the ole noodle today.  Go figure!

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