Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Geek crushes and other geek coolness

I have a confession to make.  I'm a big geek... and I'm not afraid to admit it.  I went to a special "geek" school in high school.  I blew the curve in college Calculus (for which people are still mad with me), and I scoff at the contestants on Jeopardy when they miss something.  Okay, not really. I made that last part up. But that's not the point. I am a geek, and I am proud!!!  Hear me roar!!!  Wait, that's not right. Oh well.  See me calculate pi or something. Anywho!  So tonight I've decided to celebrate geekiness in all its forms and to admit to at least a couple of my geek crushes.  And yes, I do have some.

First on the agenda is my friend Jonathan who showed up on Facebook with this new tattoo!!!
Check that out, people!  That.... is a DNA tattoo around his arm... with different colors for the nucleic acids!  Holy cannoli, that is serious geeky cool!  Jon is a molecular biologist now, but back in high school we called him Mad Dog.  (I already told you people it was geek school!  Yes, our Mad Dog became a molecular biologist. It was sort of a given.  Just roll with it.)  So when I saw this I just knew I had to share so I contacted Jon for permission (because I'm considerate and shit).  Here's how it went.

Queen: Hey!  Weird question. Do you mind if I post your tattoo on my blog? I really do love it.
Jon (who's profile picture is of the cartoon, Megamind, yup, geek):  Not at all. Do realize it's a fake, though. I'm here at the American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and they're doing temporary tattoos at the door.
Queen:  OH MAN!!! I had no idea but it so seriously rocks! I refuse to acknowledge fakeness.  As far as my readers go... it's totally real. Suck it up.
Jon: Okey dokey. Whatever floats your boat.
Queen:  LOL It doesn't take much.
Jon:  Tomorrow I'm getting a winged heart with ASBMB in the heart on my neck!
Queen: That's just... yeah, geeky. The DNA was geeky cool!  Like biker geek or something.  OH!  I'll tell people you lead a biker gang too. That's cool, right?
Jon:  Sons of Nucleic Acids?  Why not?
Queen:  Duuuuuuuude, that's hawt.
Jon:  Happy to help.  Actually, the Sons of Nucleic Acids ride Segways, not Harleys.
Queen (face palming):  Oh dear lord.

And this, dear readers and loyal subjects, is what happens when you try to pull the Mad Dog back out of the molecular biologist.  Who'd have thought that the molecular biologist would win in a fight?!

But despite the fact that Jon dashed my dreams of a gang of biker geeks, I still have a few geek crushes that I'll admit to.  First off... Neil Gaiman. I love this man!!!

Look!  He's cute!  He will wear any color of clothing as long as it's black!  He writes AMAZING books!  (American Gods is one of my two all-time favorite books.)  And... he's not afraid to wear cthulhu on his head.  See?
And that, people, is geek perfection.  I'll pause for a moment to fan myself now.

Oh and there's another one too.  You guessed it. Einstein!!!  Why?  It's because he's totally quotable, too smart to remember to fix his hair, and he's willing to make fun of himself and everyone else.  Because it's all relative, people!  Get it?  Relative?  Oh come on.  Give me at least a giggle for that one! But here's the picture that does it for me with Einstein.  Yup, smart AND makes me laugh.  That'll do.

Then there's my high school English professor who spent my entire senior year trying to teach me to write something without making any jokes.  I was apparently the only one who ever thought Paradise Lost was hysterical... and said so in writing.  I learned how to do it after an entire year of his tireless efforts, but obviously I've forgotten how to since then.  I hope he isn't disappointed.  I'll send him a Queen coffee mug to make it better if he is. I'm sure he'll appreciate the irony.

There's one other one but you have to all promise to keep it quiet.  Yup, big geek crush on Benny from Axis of Awesome.  Only I'm not admitting to that one until after they write me a theme song... at least I'm not telling him. So sssssssssh!  And write those letters.  I'm sure they'll cave eventually!  (If you're new Click Here to see what the heck I'm talking about.)  Once again, that contact info is contact@axisofawesome.net.  Get 'em, get 'em, get 'em!  And be sure to tell me about YOUR geeky awesomeness!  I'm willing to crush on you too.

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