Thursday, April 5, 2012

Harold and Kumar Stole My Blog

Okay, right off the bat, people, this is NOT a real post.  You should stop reading now.  No, really.  Stop.

Wow, you people don't take direction well, do you?  Well anyway, just a quick note to let you know that the will to write was strong last night... but it wasn't as strong as my desire to watch low brow humor so Harold and Kumar's Christmas movie won out.  Yeah, I'm sort of disappointed in myself too.  To be totally honest though, how can you NOT want to watch Neil Patrick Harris play himself while explaining that everything we think we know about him is a lie so he can pick up chicks easier.  Yeah, I know.  The idea is mind boggling and makes for must watch low brow humor.  Don't judge me!  But back to the point, I'll be back again tonight making witty and humorous remarks for your reading pleasure.  And if they aren't witty and humorous, please don't tell me.  I live in my own little world, and it makes me happy.  Bubble bursting leads to the whole "Off with your head!" shrieking, and frankly it hurts my throat after a while.  Okay? Thanks!

Kisses and extra cupcakes to all!

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