Saturday, April 21, 2012

SUPER.... bear?

Just a quick post for everyone for tonight.  It's Saturday and I'm going to indulge in my own regal desire to be lazy!  It'll be GREAT!  Anyway, I couldn't possibly end the day without saying the following:

I need to figure out who is the supervisor for costume creation at Build-A-Bear and kiss that person right on the mouth!  I don't even care who it is.  Some things... are just worth it.  And this is!!  You see, I took the kids to Build-A-Bear today for "Girls' Day" and helped them pick out bears.  They are serious Build-A-Bear addicts, by the way, and I admit that it's potentially my fault.  (MPH scoffed loudly when he read that but I ignored him.)  Anyway, I was looking around at outfits with them when suddenly one of them yelled "MOM!" at the top of her lungs.  I found her staring at a series of outfits apparently intended for Mother's Day.  My jaw just dropped as the absolute and utter perfection of this one outfit hit me.  And that, dear readers and loyal subjects, is how I ended up with a Build-A-Bear too.  This thing was just MADE for me and my planned Super Queen super-hero!  It's just in bear form!  (And if this makes no sense to you because you've wandered over to this blog through some accident of fate or even a misplaced keystroke, it might help if you Click This because it will then make a lot more sense... or it might just make you more confused as to how you got here, but never fear.  Super Queen is here to help you!)  And here she is!  I named her Cupcake!

Why yes!  That does say Super Mom on the front (if you can read it), and yes, that IS a cupcake she's holding in her little paw, and yes, that's a mask and WHY oh WHY had I not realized that Super Queen would need a mask too?!  But wait... there's more!!!

SHE HAS A CAPE!!!!  And it's got a CROWN on it!!!  Is this perfection, or what?!!  It is!  That's the answer, people!  It is!

So here we have it, people.  Proof that karma is with me.  Cupcake and I will now go dispel boredom in all its forms.  Now she just needs a replica MPH bear and a Henchbear and a Beartlette (that's about all I could come up with for Butlette in bear form, just try to roll with it).  And she needs some Villain bears and... well you get the picture.  But as far as boring goes, we're on it!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Cupcake and I plan to!

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