Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dudes! I Need A Theme Song!

You know, I've come down from the caffeine and sugar induced buzz that led to yesterday's post about me being a super hero but I'm left with one very important thought..."What a freakin' great idea!!!"  Holy cannoli, people!  It was amazing!  And everyone should really decide on their own super hero identity and join me.  I have people clambering for their own positions, whether it's as villains or as heroes.  MPH has gracefully accepted his role as sidekick asking only what his superpower was.  I told him and he just shrugged and said "Yeah, that's about right."  Syed is basking in his official henchman status, because really, who wouldn't want to be henchman to the Queen?  Oh and if you have NO idea what I'm going on about today, then you REALLY REALLY need to catch up on yesterday's spectacular idea and the current status of the super hero universe, which you can do... right Here! Quick! Click me!

Yes, dear readers and loyal subjects.  I picture myself very much like this:
but without the S because that would just be silly.  Maybe a big Q or a crown or something!  But check out that cape!!!  Unfortuantely, I fear it would end up being more like this:
which no one wants, really.  Though I do love Cartman dearly.

So today as the buzz wore off, I realized that I had to get down to the more serious business of planning this universe.  And I did!  Items on the agenda?  Capes and theme songs!!!  First off, I need a cape.  Really.  I need one so I can take pictures of myself doing super hero things!  And you'll know they're super hero things because I'll be wearing a cape!  And face it, unless you're Dracula no one else really wears a cape well these days.  It'll be epic!  Now when I told one of my friends this, he tried to get all sarcastic with me, but he failed!!!  Because I'm Super Queen and I always win with my FABULOUSNESS!

Queen:  Now I want a cape so I can take pictures of myself doing hero things. And you'll know they're hero things because I have a cape!
Enki:  Like heroically breaking a toe?
Queen:  Ummm yes.  Now see, if I'd had a cape, that experience would have been a lot cooler.
Enki: Everything is cooler when you're wearing a cape.

And voila!  We have inescapable logic proving once again that capes rock and I need to find a seamstress to make me one which I will wear on a daily basis unless I'm in my alter ego mode... Cool As Hell Girl!  Now onto further business... theme song.  This is where my friend Enki comes back in.  He found this band and made me watch them on youtube, after first promising that this wasn't any more pterodactyl porn or smurf porn. (Don't even get me started. I didn't even tell you about that fiasco of a video.  Seriously, people.  Try not to go google it after you leave here.  And if you do, remember that I warned you!!!)  This is an Australian band called Axis of Awesome!  How hella-cool is that name?! These people are geniuses!... and they're funny too!!!  Here's a link because you really need to check these guys out.  They're my new heroes.  Check out their video!  And Their website!  Now, I started thinking about it and decided that anyone who calls themselves the Axis of Awesome just TOTALLY needed to come join my universe!!  I did say they were my heroes after all.  And once I figured that out, I realized that I really needed a theme song and that they just HAD to make one for me!  Now to be fair, they might not agree, but at the very least I had to try!  So to that end, I emailed them!  And this is what I sent them.

Dear Axis of Awesome,

I like you.  Do you like me?  Check yes or no.  Only... don't actually check anything because I am not savvy enough to add boxes and shit so I really meant that metaphorically speaking if that even really counts as a metaphor but... you get the idea!

Hi there!  I'm Cindy, aka The Queen Of All Things Good, but my super hero name is Super Queen, which is not really a plus sized drag queen even though I realized after I dubbed myself that that it does sort of sound like it is.  Still... it's not.  Anywho!  I'm a blogger in the US, and I have recently been turned on to your AMAZING work!  Kudos, dudes... really.  LOVE IT!  But getting back to my point, which I do have, I've been working to create a super hero universe comprised of my friends and fans to go along with my own Super Self.  It's a work in progress and all, you can check it out on the blog.  My super power is FABULOUSNESS, by the way.  Fair warning, I'd had a LOT of espresso and sugar when I wrote it so it sort of bounces around... not that I figured you'd have already guessed that or anything.  (That statement drips sarcasm, by the way.  It's just so hard to convey things dripping in text, though.) But here's the link already:  So other than giving you that background, I'm writing to tell you that there's just no WAY I could possibly have a super hero universe without a group call the Axis of Awesome!  My friends and I discussed it (and yes, I do have friends other than just the happy ones in my head), and so I wanted to invite you to my super hero universe and ask if you'd be oh so kind as to maybe help me with a theme song!  After seeing your work, (well hearing it mostly, but it was youtube so visual was included) I realized that I truly needed one and YOU were the lucky people to help me.  You're welcome.

So anyway, that was what I wanted to ask. And I also wanted to say how  much I enjoy you guys!  Of course I sort of figured that one is a given. So when you're ready for your tour of podunk towns in the US, I am ready to host you here!!! Whoohoo!  Bring it on!

Thanks and smooches!

PS. I'm not really insane... at least not that they can prove.  Oh and I haven't stalked anyone yet.  Just thought you would want to know. :)

I figure we can't fail!  Besides, I'm betting it takes at least a few days to get a restraining order in Australia.  There's time for me to grow on them... like a fungus!  Maybe I can FABULOUS them into doing it for me... as long as I can still come within 100 yards of them or something. I'm not sure what the distance limit is on fabulous.  I may have to find out!  Oh well, check them out anyway because they are well named!!


  1. I would suggest "Killer Queen" by Queen.

    My superhero would be Coffee Girl, because the Cuban Java keeps me going for hours.

    -Barb the French Bean

    1. YES!! Great song and definitely a super hero I'd hang out with!

  2. Oooh, I like it! I'm definitely going to hang out at your lair! Because nothing helps the fabulous like the caffeine!


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