Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chipmunk Masks and the Zombie Apocolypse... Yeah They Go Together

Well I did it!  I spent the entire Azalea Festival downtown in  Wilmington, North Carolina and I survived the experience.  I wasn't mugged.  I haven't had my coronary due to deep friend fudge or anything like that.  I didn't even get drunk and fall off the dock during the fireworks... though that might have been a story worth blogging about.  I should have considered it.  I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the male models at Tiffany's optometric office, especially that last one that I mentioned last night.  Yes, dear readers and loyal subjects, there's nothing like slipping out of someone else's personal office after posting yet another RIVETING blog in time to hear a male model ask loudly "Should I put on a shirt?" in reference to going with a group of us to watch the fireworks.  And I know you would all think less of me if I hadn't yelled "NO!!!" at the top of my lungs before anyone else could say anything... and I do so hate to disappoint you, so that's exactly what I did.  He wasn't sure who I was since I seemed to appear out of no where, but apparently I said it with such gusto that he gave me a startled look and meekly muttered "Okay."  That darn Tiffany just HAD to mention that it was a little cold out and talked him into wearing one.  I'll get you back for that one day, Tiffany!  He really was awfully pleasant to look at though.

So anyway, I have to admit that other than eating things that are horrible for me, my other favorite activity during street festivals has to be the shopping.  It's amazing what you can find.  They make redneck wine glasses now!  Who knew mason jars COULD be made into wine glasses.  And they have sand art which my kids are strangely fascinated by.  Then there the people who sell hand made purses... yeah, I broke down and bought two of those both made from candy wrappers.  Honestly, this is genius.  A girl can never have too many purses.  This is especially true if you feel like you can lick them if you get particularly peckish because maybe there's still candy stuck to them somewhere.  I told MPH (My Poor Husband) that... he begged to differ.  Fortuantely, he didn't think to beg until AFTER I bought them.  And hey, it could be worse.  It could have been towels.  (Everybody say hey to the Bloggess with that shout out!!)  But there were other things that I just loved.  Here are a few!

Now see, if they'd just had this with Queen instead of princess... but alas.  They didn't.  Then there were the knit hats...
That's a Hello Kitty hat, if you can't tell.  It was totally me.  I should have bought it.  There was also this one...
That one is in honor of the penguin cam and because who would NOT want to wear a penguin on their head?!!!  I REALLY should have bought this one, if not for me, at least for Elisa!  (That statement makes more sense if you've read this Click for Penguin Cam Awesomeness! )  And then there was the one that I really just don't know what to say about, but let's face it, I'll make up something anyway:
That's a chipmunk mask... I think.  I'm hard pressed to come up with anything that you should do with this if you buy it, but wearing it to disguise the fact that you're a zombie and it's the zombie apocalypse does come to mind.  I mean, I'd think it'd be a lot easier to sneak up on someone and nom on their brains if you come disguised as a gentle, if somewhat overly large chipmunk.  Who'd think to be alarmed until after you whip it off, moan and start trying to chow down?!  In fact, now that I've come up with this, I may have to go back and grab one for myself.  Maybe I'll wear it to disguise the fact that I'm NOT yet a zombie and to blend in with the zombie hoards all wearing their own chipmunk mask because it's the in thing for this particular apocalypse and all the rage among the undead masses.  Holy cow!  How could I have left this thing behind!  I have discovered the secret to survival... obviously too late.  Darn my mind for not getting weird enough quick enough for me to make this purchase!  Wonder if I could send MPH on a mission to find another one for me.  Might be worth a shot.  I think I'll send him now.  Oh and if you find one before he does, grab it for me... and one for you too because you just never know when you'll need it!

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