Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Heredity of Clumsy

Well I'm one day out from my "little accident" that has left me with a bruised, battered and broken toe, and I must say that my overwhelming feeling about it is OOOOOW!!!!  Yes indeed, dear readers and loyal subjects... it still freakin' hurts!  But aside from this main fact, I've had quite a few questions and comments concerning information from yesterday's post.  I'm going to take a few moments tonight to address some of those.  Ready?  Great!  Because here we go.

1.  Yes, it's true that I remembered to do nothing medically appropriate for any kind of acute trauma at the time of the injury.  I wasn't thinking clearly.  As I mentioned, my first coherent thoughts were truly of shoes.  I'm still not over the fact that none of my really cute shoes are going to be an option for me for the next month or so.  Everyone has their priorities, people.

2.  Yes, I did actually do something that seemed really important at the time.  You see, I'd recently had a pedicure.  The brick steps scuffed off my polish on the injured toe.  So while it didn't occur to me to ice the injury or take ibuprofen, it DID occur to me to fix that pedicure!!!  Yes, I'm serious.  You see here is our before picture:

Okay, this isn't REALLY the before picture.  This is a picture I found on a spa website but I do like red polish and I'm sure I could be a foot and hand model if I really wanted to...okay not really but humor me. I occasionally decide I could model for Victoria Secret too.  Some delusions are harmless.  And here is the after shot... and keep in mind it could have looked worse.  At least I had already fixed the polish by the time I took this!  You're welcome.

(Guess which toe is broken! And I do know your next question.  No, I don't know how to explain the fact that I broke the one in the middle without injuring any of the others.  I'm a medical freak.  Go figure.)

3.  Clumsy is apparently hereditary!  My father called me tonight to tell me he'd heard I had broken my toe.  He then tells me that I take after him because he broke one of his when he was in school.  I wasn't certain exactly how that fit in as far as an inherited injury until it finally dawned on me.  I get my clumsy from him.  Gee thanks, Dad!!  At least I'm still better off than my sister, Kim.  She fell walking into a restaurant in some of those high heels that I love and gave herself a concussion last year.  I'm lucky in that the only witnesses to my little incident were my dogs.  Kimmy.... yeah that happened in public.  (I'm still upset that I wasn't there to see it!  But I'm awful.)

4.  Yes, I really am a great big baby when something hurts.  I'm still looking for a bell that I can just ring to let everyone else in the house know that I need them to get me something.  That stuff always works in old movies and on old TV shows.  And the Queen is willing to try it out now.  Funny... I think MPH (My Poor Husband) has hidden every bell in the house.  He's on to me!  Dang it!

I think I'll go take some more ibuprofen... and maybe touch up my polish while I stare longingly at the cute strappy heels in my closet.  No one start the summer shoe season without me!!!


  1. OUCH! :O

    If it makes you feel better, the red polish helps (I'm a sucker for red).

    -Barb the French Bean

  2. Red toenail polish makes EVERYTHING better! I'm so glad someone else knows too!


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