Monday, April 30, 2012

Where Can I Get My Chinplant?

I just read an article about prom for this year.  Did you realize that the average amount a family spends in prom prep is over $1000... US dollars?!  Same article said the most expensive prom dress was actually about $14,000.  What?! Really?!  Where can I get one of those?  Or better yet, I'll need two in case I drip ketchup from my corn dog on the first one. Then I'll have a spare.  But that wasn't even the point of the article.  This article was about the fact that there's apparently a surge in popularity of cosmetic procedures leading up to prom.  And the procedure this article was talking about?  Chin implants.  Yes, I said CHIN implants.  Just... wow.

This... is a cosmetic surgeon.  Now, to my knowledge he doesn't do chin implants.  I got his picture from one of those sky magazines that you flip through while you fly because you're desperate to distract yourself from the fact that you're stuck in that seat all the way to Texas with little to no leg room and someone with a screaming baby sitting right behind you but somehow their toddler in the seat next to them is kicking the back of your seat every few seconds with complete abandon while you try to nap through the whole scene.  Not that I've had any experiences like that... lately.  But frankly, I just had to use this picture, which I took mid-flight because he really is a cosmetic surgeon and apparently he's a really good one but his specialty is, and I'm seriously not making this up, hair implantation and restoration.  Take a good look at this guy, people, and enjoy your giggle.  You're welcome.  I'd have used a picture from one of my own proms, but I looked at them and decided that we are just NOT going there, not even for a laugh.  Here's one though, and I admit it. I'd be all about this dress.  LOVE IT!

But back to my point, chin implants?!  You know, I can remember being concerned about a lot of things and a lot of prep before my own proms but not one of those concerns were in regards to my chin.  Why the sudden focus on the chin?! Can we not just focus on the obvious breasts, hips and thighs that I'm used to obsessing on?  Do we really need another body part to analyze for hours in the mirror and worry about whether it's up to snuff?  And if we do, should it really be your chin?!  I'm just in awe here of the very idea.  It would appear that certain cosmetic procedures are just popular with today's young women.  It's the new "in" thing.  What?  You haven't evaluated your own chin yet?  Or have you already run to check the mirror?  Personally, I figure if that particular body part didn't already cause me to have some kind of fit of self loathing during my teenage years then it's probably doing just fine, thank you very much.

And honestly, I have to admit that I'm still wondering where that $1000 is going per prom goer.  Even if I rent a limo, I think I can find a good looking dress and get my hair and nails done for less than that.  Mostly I'm praying that's the case because I have three daughters, and I'm betting that there will be at least one year where all three will be invited to the prom at once.  In fact, I'm already signed up for some cosmetology classes in order to save some money right there.  I figure it's pay all that money to send them to the prom or pay the mortgage that year.  Now if I can just get MPH (My Poor Husband) to sit still so I can practice perms and highlights, I'm sure I'll have this all figured out just in time for the start of that prom season.  Where did that man go now?!

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