Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sugar... the eternal xanax

What is it exactly about sugar and it's unpublicized anxiety reducing effects?  It's not just me, right? I mean, apparently it's not because I had this discussion with a friend of mine, and it wasn't even a discussion about us.  Well it wasn't JUST about us.  It was about us and our daughters!

It started off like this.  Maria and I have a conversation every morning about life in general.  We work together and it's just how we start our day.  I should mention here that we're both brilliant and wonderful women and so these are insightful and cutting edge conversations.  Or maybe they're about whatever completely off the wall topic I throw at Maria like how the cops came looking for me while I was on vacation.  That's basically the same thing.  And to her credit, Maria pretty much rolls with the punches and just comes along for whatever wacked out ride my conversation takes us on each day.  But my point here is that I told Maria that I was going a little nutso over the weekend so I'd taken a "me" day on Saturday. I mentioned it to you, dear readers and loyal subjects, in one of my earlier posts.  What I added when I talked to her, though, was that I had been feeling down when I started the day but then someone at the mall had GIVEN me a cupcake!  And that is how I knew that everything is going to be okay!  I had a free cupcake (yellow cake and hot pink frosting even)!  It was a sign!  So I ate my free cupcake and life was good again... not to mention that I found that darling Rafael just afterwards but you already know that story.  But all of this discussion led to another discussion of how her daughter, who is very young incidentally, had been feeling very anxious in a room full of other children that she didn't know, so Maria had calmed her down by giving her cookies... apparently a lot of them!  And this is what got me thinking.

I'm not sure when sugar became the great cure all that it seems to be.  Is it really when we're that young?  Is it learned?  Is it simply the sugary goodness and that fantastic sugar high that we get from it?  It's not like I can just eat a spoon full of it... unlike Mary Poppins suggests and she's some kind of child rearing expert or something so obviously this stuff is good for you!  No, I need it in cupcake form... or other baked good form... or ice cream form... or well, you get the picture.  I like my sugar processed.  But I do have to admit that I get that kind of general well being feeling from sugar that's usually only brought out by kittens, brand new tiaras and maybe pink unicorns with sparkly manes.  There's simply some kind of inexplicable delight that comes from these little treats!  Yeah, I'd brave a room full of toddlers if someone told me I'd get a cupcake in there.  Hell, I'd brave a room full of cannibals if there was a cupcake in there! Let's face it.  The Queen can hold her own, and a good cupcake is hard to come by some days.

I'm not sure that I really have a point with all this.  Yes, I'm certain you're all shocked by that fact.  But sometimes I find that it's enough just to sit around and think about some of my favorite sugary favorites.  So in honor of the obvious medicinal properties of sweets which I think I beautifully delineated here... I'd have added studies and stuff but I figured that'd just weigh the post down and well, I don't have any so how pertinent could they be... I'd like to raise my cupcake to each of you and wish you the joy of your own personal cupcakes, with cupcake being a metaphor for whatever sweet you relish the most, of course.  And to each of you I say a very heart felt "NOM NOM NOM!"  Enjoy!

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